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Open Homosexual Service in the Military is NOT about tolerance, it is about politics! DON’T GIVE UP: DON’T GET OUT. Fight for your rights from within.

Posted by mrfixit on December 26, 2010

This is being FORCED upon the military.  It may be that a few senior officers who are more politicians at that level, who are on board, but that does NOT speak for a majority of the Military.

This does not pass any common sense test.  If the military is drawn from society, and society still says NO to Gay Marriage, EVEN in California TWICE, then why would all of a sudden the military which is MORE conservative than the rest of society all of a sudden embrace open gay service and then on to Gay Marriage? 

They DON’T! 



(Topic #4): http://news.newsmax.com/?Z6IvXNpFAI-LVB4CTNtH6RUmzQbkxfv1Z

It is other fools in positions of leadership that should never be there, are telling us what we are supposed to think, they are telling us what they want us to accept and believe.  That does not make it so.


I’ve said it before, this is to destroy the US military, and at the same time seal up support from a very wealthy, very active political support base from the Hollywood/Gay community. 

If it was so automatically accepted in the military, then WHY must the senior military officers send out messages to the unit commanders telling them to get on board and to embrace this effort?  Why would it be needed if the support was already there, and why would this message not be released to all hands?  Why just senior leadership? – This is to FORCE it down upon the rest of the military structure.  They don’t support it, and I’m telling you right now, there will be many forced out over this, many good people will end their careers over this, and that is what they WANT! They want to destroy the military and if the good folks get fed up and leave, they will gladly fill up the void with radical progressives who don’t have any respect for the US Constitution and are mostly interested in the free college and other benefits in the military.  They will gladly see those of us willing to defend the US Constitution leave, we are in their way anyhow, this fits well to both win a political voting block and to provide jobs to same in a tough economy!

They want you out, look they are trying to get the Commandant of the Marine Corps to Resign, all because he stood up for and respected his Marines.  I’m more in respect for the Marine Corps all the time, with courageous leaders like this, willing to say what must be said despite the political consequences.  But they will try to make him step aside, and if it did, who might be acceptable to these radicals? Only a guy who would be a nightmare for the Marines, and that is why it is important to not give up on account of this policy change. Don’t let them win!


Don’t go on account of this, stay in there and use your intelligence to fight for what is right.  If they are going to force you in with homosexuals, well then just like with mixed gender, you need to fight for your dignity and privacy.  As women have faced harassment from men, and have filed many claims of such, you too need to be ready to use the system to do the same.  A flood of complaints from heterosexuals who have been harassed will likely force more than just the military brass to take note, the public will as well.  I’m not saying make it up, only legitimate issues, and there will be many.  My previous research clearly shows the male homosexual in particular has a higher rate of sexual assault than the heterosexual male.  Every heterosexual should REFUSE to share berthing and showers with homosexuals, they should demand separation just as we afford separation of men and women.  If men and women can have separation then so too should those of differing sexual orientation.  This is a reasonable demand; MAKE a big deal out of it, always respectfully.  Demand your rights, not to be against homosexuals, but to assert your dignity and privacy. 

This policy will actually set those homosexuals in the military back as I see it.  Now they have no excuse to hide, and there is no reason not to demand to know.  Once they are out, life will be very difficult for them.  It is not that people are trying to harm them, as much as it is that they want the same kind of privacy and dignity that is the basis for separate male and female berthing facilities.  Now there is no way for the open homosexual to fit in, I said it before this really not about them anyway, they have been abused as useful idiots of a much larger progressive collectivist agenda, one that has amongst its goals the weakening of America and our military.

There are many reasons beyond and outside the morality reasons that homosexual behavior is incompatible with military service, medical risk alone should be all that is needed to justify a ban, but there are many others, mentioned in many previous posts (here is just 2):



Now, this one will enrage you, Rep. Barney Frank says it is discrimination if you object to sharing a shower or barracks room with an OPEN gay person, but you have no right to share with the opposite sex!  Yes, for heterosexuals, you have no control and it would be too much distraction, but YOU must be available for viewing by guys like Barney and if you don’t like it, well it is YOUR problem! 


Why do they keep electing this buffoon?

Folks, the enemies of this nation, it Constitution and the concept of unalienable INDIVIDUAL rights, granted by our creator, is what is under attack in all of this, and the enemy is WITHIN, we must stop them on each and every front, included internal.  Do not give up ground to any of them on any front.  Our children will depend upon our fighting to win back a restoration of this nation’s promise, so that one day in future this nation can again see the unprecedented growth and opportunity that comes with human freedom and respect for individual rights, rights granted only by God.


Use of FORCE is being brought to bear to demand unquestioned ACCEPTANCE of this policy change.  We are being told to take it without question and the real issues of medical risk, privacy, even real questions about more sexual assaults (using DoD data).  We are to take it, without comment or question.

This is UN-AMERICAN.  This IS TYRANNY.  It is here…

This passage is was part of guidance sent out to Navy leaders:

“Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell policy change – I know what you’re thinking…is that really one of my top priorities? My answer to you is this…I intend to spend no time debating or evaluating whether this is a good/bad or right/wrong change. To me it simply is guidance that I will support and implement as a leader. I’ve attached CNO’s leadership guidance on this, but in my view it comes down to this, “IT REMAINS THE POLICY OF THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE NOT TO ASK SERVICE MEMBERS OR APPLICANTS ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION, TO TREAT ALL MEMBERS WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT, AND TO ENSURE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD ORDER AND DISCIPLINE.”  It’s as simple as that to me and any other course of action will not be tolerated by me, nor should it by you.” [emphasis added by me]

 So much for tolerance, it is now accept the forced integration of medically risky homosexuals into your bathing and berthing compartments, and if you don’t like it YOU will not be tolerated!  Yep, the tyranny of the tiny minority is here.  This is exactly how I warned and predicted it would go, this is Forced acceptance, and this is no longer a policy of tolerance…


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