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Yes, we are a Racist Nation, with Racist Laws. But our Racism is against the majority Race, and in favor of the “minorities”, but that is STILL racist!

Posted by mrfixit on December 24, 2010

I noticed that when I was working up bids for Government contracts I had to complete questionnaires the included all kind of information that should have no bearing on the ability to produce a quality aircraft part, at a reasonable schedule and be competitive with other bids.

Such information like Women owned company, Minority owned Company, Small business, Veteran Owned, and such was all important, and the reason why, the government discriminates IN FAVOR of some, and by default AGAINST others.  This is racist, and sexist and that is not even in doubt, but we do it!

Now, while trying to find information on the new law to allow open homosexuality in the military, but DON’T dare ride in the back of a pickup truck or refuse the flu shot, they don’t want you to take on too much risk, except risks of homosexuality, not to worry on that, but I digress.

I came across the “Serve America Act”  Sounds great, right?  Well it is near 1500 pages of crap, it also suggests special considerations, or discrimination in favor of some based upon race, AGAIN, this is RACIST. 


Here is just some of the many examples in the text of this pile of garbage:

“(e) SPECIAL CONSIDERATION.—To the extent practicable, in making grants and entering into contracts under subsection (b), the Corporation shall give special consideration to applications submitted by, or applications from partnerships including, institutions serving primarily low-income populations, including—

‘‘(1) Alaska Native-serving institutions;

‘‘(2) Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander serving institutions;

‘‘(3) Hispanic-serving institutions;

‘‘(4) historically black colleges and universities;

‘‘(5) Native American-serving, nontribal institutions;

‘‘(6) Native Hawaiian-serving institutions;

‘‘(7) Predominantly Black Institutions;

‘‘(8) tribally controlled colleges and universities; and

‘‘(9) community colleges serving predominantly minority populations.”

So, by definition, we are a racist country with racist, mostly DEMOCRAT politicians that are enacting Racist Laws that discriminate based upon Race. 

Definition of Racist:

2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.”


Didn’t Martin Luther King state “NOT THE COLOR OF SKIN, but CONTENT of Character”?  Well, I can’t imagine this is what he meant, we have reversed the oppressed and oppressor, but 2 wrongs to not make a right, they just make more WRONG, and that seems to be standard operating procedure with the garbage coming out of DC that is DESTROYING this great nation.

Oh, and from my scanning of this LAW, I discovered that it increases the paid positions of this national Service Corps to about 250,000 by 2017, and that is not far from the size of the US Navy!  This is HUGE, but did you hear about it before?  Why not? 

I contend this is yet another preparation for the coming collapse; this is the system of control that will be used to distribute limited resources in tough times ahead!  Prepare NOW, it is coming.


2 Responses to “Yes, we are a Racist Nation, with Racist Laws. But our Racism is against the majority Race, and in favor of the “minorities”, but that is STILL racist!”

  1. Dave D. said

    Leaving no base uncovered.

  2. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/12/24/yes-we-are-a-racist-nation-with-racist-laws-b… […]

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