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What does an Employer pay you for? I thought it was for production of a product or completion of a task that supports the organization, but I guess not…

Posted by mrfixit on December 24, 2010

Well, we now have a system that will begin to FORCE employers to provide special benefits and provisions to some in special protected status.

While it sounds great when an employer willingly, and out of free will provides better benefits and working conditions to employers, there is very big distinction between FREE will and forced compliance.

Here is the reality.  If you mandate more and more accommodations, which infringe on the productivity of an employee, well other employees have to work to cover that shortage, or the business suffers a competitive disadvantage and eventually ceases to exist.

This is why we are seeing a mass exodus of business, especially manufacturing.  Our mandates and accommodations, pay, etc. price the cost of production in the USA outside what is reasonable in a globally competitive business and trade environment!

So, while it may seem so caring and compassionate to have employers provide for breast feeding mothers, it is another step toward destroying the US competitive edge.  I’d be for employer voluntary compliance to aid their workers, but mandates are dangerous and will lead to our continued decline.  It does not stop here, the ADA did much the same thing, and damaged the competitive edge there too.   I’m all for helping those in need, but not at the cost of killing the engine of prosperity that permits the very abundance needed to care for those in need in the first place!

So here we have it, Obama wants federal workers to have breast feeding accommodations, well wouldn’t  a lower tax rate that made it possible for new moms to actually have the flexibility to nurture their own children AT HOME be even better?  Well it would, but this is not about that, it is about control.  They want the woman in the work place and under their control, and the children raised in a commune like, expert run, day care, run by those that will be sure to teach your children better than you can, of course this is all so compassionate and caring, but as I found out in my study of the radical left, they PRECISELY target the breakdown of the family unit, which is what this ultimately does.  

Children are best raised by their own parents, but they don’t agree, and they don’t want that!  I know it sounds crazy, but that is what these people believe. 


So, in the mold of the collective, you are now paid for your existence, regardless of how much you can produce or contribute.  Your employer is being demanded to ignore measures of production based on performance, and to accept less work from some but not less pay.   This is inequality, but that is always the result in a “from each according to ability, to each according to need” based system.  Eventually the hard workers give up, and then there is only shared misery.

5 Responses to “What does an Employer pay you for? I thought it was for production of a product or completion of a task that supports the organization, but I guess not…”

  1. Dave D. said

    You said it all. Nothing else to be said except that as long as it is the female work force who is getting extra time off without loss of the pay the government will sanction that inequality.

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