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You can NOT trust Communists!

Posted by mrfixit on December 23, 2010

China is COMMUNIST, do not forget it.

They are building an aircraft carrier! One year AHEAD of schedule, but the history on this is a reminder that you cannot trust commies.

They bought the carrier for commercial use, but then went military with it!  Here is the quote:

A Chinese firm bought the then-engineless Varyag from Ukraine in 1998 for $20 million, planning to convert it to a floating casino in Macau, but the Chinese military then bought the vessel..



Now they are building large jet aircraft, with the help of the west of course…



China willing to use Nuclear Weapons, this should surprise no one, but in this age of ignorance, it would surprise many!


oh, and don’t think Commies are only in foreign lands, they are also quite cozy in New York city!  (but they prefer to be called “Progressives”, watch the video…)


Now they move into stealth aircraft:


Oh, and a ballistic missile that can hit an aircraft carrier, well that would be the USA they are considering since we are the nation that projects power with aircraft carriers..


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