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WAKE UP! Collapse is Coming, don’t buy the propaganda of a recovery, it is to lull you into submission!

Posted by mrfixit on December 23, 2010

I don’t want to be doom and gloom, but I don’t want to see people hit by something this big without warning.

I have studied this tirelessly, and I’m convinced it is now INEVITABLE.

We need to PREPARE and learn how to re-build, because that is our only viable option.  Denial will only make the pain and suffering more severe, and that is where the majority of your friends and neighbors are in all this.  Try as much as you can to save them with a warning, but accept that in the end many will continue to opt for the ignorant bliss all the way into the collapse and then never know what hit them.

That is the plan, which is what the masterminds of this collapse depend on.  The desperation of people clueless on what happened will allow the same people that created the collapse to propose the fixes, the fixes will all move us to permanent servitude and destroy freedom and prosperity as you now know it!  That is the long range plan.

Now that you know that, you are a threat to this plan.  If enough know, we can thwart that plan, but they will use any means to march forward, even silencing you physically if needed.

Be warned and be prepared. 

Here is a new story out, confirming some of my earliest posts about the coming collapse, it is happening as I and other have said it would.  You can choose to continue denial, or get in a life boat and learn to survive and be part of our nation’s restoration team.

We are in need of many new restoration workers, climb aboard!


Previous posts (the last one on this list is my first post to discuss the collapse of local governments):









Senator Coburn WARNS (he is right, but optimistic, I doubt 3-4 years is possible, I say 2 years MAX):



Oil prices rise:



As predicted, the world moves away from the unstable US Dollar, this will create serious crisis in the USA, things are going to change, big:




US Credit rating at risk:


Will the Federal Reserve need a bailout?  (and who could possibly do it anyway?):


Jobless claims GO up, food prices on the rise

(never mind this is not really an accurate measure of unemployment, but the trend is still noteworthy):


(it is amazing how the media tries to sugarcoat very bad news like this, it is how they bury the truth with all the flowery words of optimism that are to keep you in the dark, while those and the know flee to higher ground before the coming flood of massive inflation and collapse, don’t be fooled).

More stories about rising costs (read devaluation of the US dollar, or INFLATION)


Look at the graph, you can see when the Democrats took over congress, and then when Obama came in, it is seen by a massive increase in the deficit! 

Trouble is coming, thanks to the planned destruction of the freedom based “system” of capitalism that was PLANNED by the collectivist lefties.



China says currency system is out dated:


In other news, US experts fail to notice the rapid development of Chinese Stealth fighter, oh but rapid thanks to technology transfers during Bill Clinton’s time in office, you know when the Chinese guys were funding his campaign coffers… That time!



3 Responses to “WAKE UP! Collapse is Coming, don’t buy the propaganda of a recovery, it is to lull you into submission!”

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