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Religion of Hypocrisy – Religion of Evil.

Posted by mrfixit on December 22, 2010

I can hear the detractors now, screaming that all religions have their extremists, that none are pure.  Yes this is true, just as NONE of us humans are perfect, so too are the institutions we create; so what is the point?

There is one particular religion that completely forces its population into submission, especially the women.  It is a religion that condones open and violent attacks upon people.  It is a religion that destroys any long term hope of freedom and stability.  It is a religion that wherever it is practiced there is largely no middle class, a large impoverished population with a tiny rich class of hypocrites that use the religion to control the masses, but ignore these same restrictions.  It is a sick, twisted and evil streak that runs through and through the pillars of power in this particular “religion”

NO, I’m not saying, and would not say each and every follower of this religion is aware or even part of this scheme.  Just like we have people that say they are Catholic, like Pelosi and Biden, but then don’t really live by the rules and standards of Catholics, such is also true for Islam.

Many good, honest, and decent people call Islam their religion, but in so doing they are not adhering to some of its undisputed violent and aggressive teachings, much like Pelosi and Biden ignore the “thou shall not kill” part of being a Catholic with their support of abortion.

So, ironically in the west our depraved people stray from the fundamental Judeo-Christian ethics, but in the Muslim areas, it is the DECENT people that stray from the radical violent teachings of f Islam!

Do they really have much of a choice but to go along with Islam?  Well, if they choose otherwise, it is often a death sentence in those countries, and it is actually condoned and called for in the Koran!

Why do you think they BAN the Bible and any non-Muslim churches or teachings in Saudi Arabia?  You cannot go to Mecca unless you are in Islam, but all religions are welcome anywhere in the west, even with the near building of a Mosque near the site of the largest extremist Islamic attack in history!

They MUST silence and force their people into submission.  The TRUTH would destroy the world of lies the hypocrite leaders of these repressive regimes exist under.  They must silence the non-believers, because our message of individual rights and FREEDOM is attractive, the yearning for freedom is so strong they cannot permit it to be heard.  The reality that their rulers are a bunch of depraved, corrupt, and morally bankrupt hypocrites imposing strict brutal rule over the masses in their lands, that would destroy those leaders, so they silence it with any means necessary.  They precariously cling to power with repressive and brutal use of force and submission, and that is where the use of Islam is so convenient.  It serves this purpose perfectly!

Folks, there is no moral equivalence here.  There is good, and there is evil.  WE need to choose sides.

Here are just a couple of examples:

These people are SICK!  Is it any wonder stabilization of this country is so elusive?


This is also nothing new.  The degrading view of women in Islam and the narcissistic tendencies it invites in men, well it leads to this type of disgusting behavior.

Oh, remember the Saudi in the UK recently killed it MAN servant in a sexual rage of some kind?


We are seeing the tip of the iceberg of a backward, repressive brutal evil underpinning of these barbaric cultures and society.  (Yes, I know it exists in our own as well, but we don’t generally accept it, we discourage and even incarcerate people in our system).  This is not new, it is known by many who have traveled in the Mideast, and the hypocrisy is on display.  Bahrain is an escape for rich Saudis who come to get drunk and play, all out in the open, I have seen it, been there, and that was over 15 years ago!

So how are we dealing with it?

Telling them sex with boys is wrong? – NO! – That would not be very “understanding” of us; it is their culture you know… We must try to understand it, not judge that forced sodomy of young boys is WRONG and evil, we are to not judge this behavior.  We must try to accept this different culture!?

We are trying to tell our troops to be more culturally sensitive and to not be so disturbed by this evil…

Oh, and now we are now to OPENLY embrace homosexual behavior in our own ranks as well!  Well, perhaps our new openly gay troops will be able to better understand and appreciate the unique culture of these homosexual perverts in all of this…

This will NOT end well.

What else is our government and willing accomplice media failing to report and let be known to the US Citizen?  They are controlling information to control YOU. We are in a similar way being controlled and subjugated here as well.  Tyranny is spreading worldwide.

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Many links to great VIOLENT “love” quotes from the “religion of peace”:



“tolerant” “peaceful” Islamic radicals murder supposedly violent Christians who were so brazenly praying and practicing their religion.  Oh, yeah, that is so offensive to drive even the “peace” loving followers of the religion of “peace” to take extreme measures:


Any excuse to commit mass murder will do:



I can’t seem to recall the “Christian” suicide bombers in the Mosques over Ramadan….  Oh, there weren’t any:



A Religion that treat s women as sub-human, well here is what that leads to, and if this were in a Islamic country there would not likely be any charges for what this man did, to his own daughter:


Then there is the chanting of “AllahuAkbar” following the bombing in Egypt, oh and the security forces conveniently left before the blast…


MORE: (23 March 11):

So much for peace and tolerance?  Here a man is arrested for making a death threat against a woman who merely expressed concern that there a very close tie to radical Islam and terrorists, how dare anyone point this out!


Where are the radical Christians in Saudi Arabia making threats against government officials who speak ill of the radical terrorist Christians?  Oh, wait there are NONE, and no protests either, that activity is outlawed in the religious paradise of Saudi Arabia, in fact non-Muslims are not even permitted in all areas of the country, and make sure you don’t dare have a Bible, that could get so into some serious trouble there…  so who is intolerant and bigoted?

It is time to remove the PC blinders and see reality.  While we are tolerant, it is not a two way arrangement, and it is long past due that we call in like it is, peaceful Muslims have a duty and obligation to reform and contain the radicals in their culture, if they don’t they have responsibility for choosing to associate with a religion WAY too often associated with death and hate.   I know this is a challenge for the non-radicals amongst them, because their own radicals have killed more of their own than anyone else, it could be a deadly proposition to stand against the jihadist radicals, but when good men stand by and do nothing, evil triumphs, and that is what has happened in much of the Muslim world, not opinion clear fact.

More (27Mar 2011):

A brave actress from Pakistan stands up to an anti-woman Muslim cleric!  She calls out the abuses that take place in Islam and tells him to fix that first before being critical of her profession!

Well Done!


More (29 March 2011):

When was the last time a group of REAL Christians got together and tried to burn down a Mosque?  Never happened….   But we do have “Muslims” who are trying to kill Christians and burn down churches in Pakistan because a kook “pastor” (with a tiny irrelevant congregation) in Florida burns a Koran as a publicity stunt…


Ok, some will say these are not real Muslims, but is that true?  Many Imams in Islam call for violence and direct action to kill infidels, it is not a kook and isolated thing in Islam as it is a kook and isolated think for Christians to burn Korans (not to mention un heard of to burn mosques and kill Muslims..)

More (31 Mar 2011):

14 year old girl, a rape Victim, killed by Shariah law sentence of 101 lashes.  This is EVIL!


Real Evil in the world that your media won’t tell you about…


For Contrast, there is the student punished for daring to speak of his faith and possessing a Bible!


More (02Apr11): 

So how does the “Religion of Peace” work out as it expands over the globe…  Well, not too peaceful as it turns out.  This post has a very good showing of how it expands, and what the consequences are by looking at what HAS happened.



More, 2012:

If this does not define evil and hypocrisy, nothing does:



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