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Perfect fit: the bottom up comes: The Justification to suspect YOU as a Terrorist.

Posted by mrfixit on December 22, 2010

Well if you want fundamental transformation, then seize power at the top. – check

Then use a crisis of opportunity to exercise the needed controls to eliminate or silence your political foes.   – In progress.

This is the conditioning to accept the needed controls when the “bottom up” part of the revolution begins.


The radicals that have been agitated are getting ready to strike, maybe not one giant and dramatic strike, but thousands of small strikes, each justifying more need for government controls to provide you “security” Like the mess at the airports.

Soon, your freedom is gone, we become a nation ruled by a tiny minority of elites and a mass of dependent miserable subjects forced into labor to produce the sustenance of the very same system that crushed our individual rights and freedom.

This is a repeat of history, this is how the Communist regimes have followed the play book to seize power and hold it, indefinitely in most cases.

We are freedom’s last stand on earth, if we lose it, our generation will not likely know it again in our lifespan.  I fear it is now all but inevitable that will happen.  I now look to preserve truth and our foundation of individual unalienable God given rights, and with that hope to seed in my children a yearning to cause a re-birth of liberty for their future.  Our elite ruling class of today are traitors to the founders vision, they have destroyed it for us, while most Americans lived daily in the ignorant bliss of plenty.  That is about to change and change big.  Prepare now, it is not far off at this point, and this is not a repeat of Jimmy Carter, the world is much different today, and that will factor into this in massive way.

Here is one quote that should chill you: “Awlaki is believed to be in Yemen, but thanks to the Internet, his reach is global, and his influence dangerous. “

Yes, like I said, Wikileaks, now this and the “net neutrality” push it is all to destroy true free speech and to permit the elite ruling class the ability to silence opposition and free political speech.  It will, at some point soon, be the justification to shut down sites like this; I have no doubt about it.

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One Response to “Perfect fit: the bottom up comes: The Justification to suspect YOU as a Terrorist.”

  1. Dave D. said

    ” It will, at some point soon, be the justification to shut down sites like this; I have no doubt about it.”

    And neither do I. They are getting their ducks lined up and I believe that they will spring the trap in 2012.

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