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Obama sides with the enemies of America – the enemies of Freedom!

Posted by mrfixit on December 22, 2010

I can’t believe I’m saying this.  To think we’d ever have a President with such nefarious intentions is hard to believe, and I don’t want to believe it.  But the facts support this otherwise outrageous claim.

If you recall the legal process and the Constitution in Honduras was being systematically ignored (sound familiar… FCC “net neutrality”).  The supreme court there ruled the would be dictator was violating the Constitution, the ejected him, sent him to exile, and removed him from office.  They FOLLOWED their law!  Their law and Constitution was set up to protect a democratic, representative government, and when is was under attack from within the stopped the process.

Well, the USA would normally stand up for the democratic process and against the wanna-be dictator, but not with OBAMA at the helm!   No, we actually punished Honduras for doing the right thing!

Yep, sounds outrageous, but it is fact.

So then, WHY? Perhaps some like those who crave and accumulate Power above all else, they might prefer to stick together in tough times and deal with other wanna-be dictators before they acknowledge or stand up for the regular citizen, the rule of law, and real representative democratic process.  We should we not be surprised, it is what Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Saul Alinsky, Weather Underground, SDS et. al. have all been advocating for, so now we have the President that is one of them, and that means… Well you can figure it out, but it is not good.

Here is the story, and this is worth a full read.  Ask yourself why it was so important to protect the thug wanna-be dictator by keeping this under cover?



One Response to “Obama sides with the enemies of America – the enemies of Freedom!”

  1. Dave D. said

    Should we surprised? Not in the least. Should we be outraged? Absolutely!

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