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Don’t be fooled by the “Huckster”. Huckabee is not a Conservative, he is a populist.

Posted by mrfixit on December 22, 2010

Alright, some time ago Mike Huckabee interviewed Michelle Obama about her campaign to fight child obesity.

It was disgusting.  He practically drooled all over her, despite the idiocy of her suggestions that obesity is caused in “food deserts”.

Now explain how one can be poor, but able to afford enough fast food to become fat, and do it in a desert where supposedly food is not available?

It is so foolish I can’t believe anyone could buy it, but former fat guy, and control freak Huckster went for it hook, line and sinker.  Don’t be fooled so easy, if he can be wrong on something so obvious, you can’t really trust him on other more complex issues.  All that can be found consistent with the Huckster is his populist streak, to play on the largely popular issues, ON THE SURFACE at least.

Your freedom to choose your own diet, from free will, is a basic human freedom.  If you can accept efforts to mandate and control the very diets of people, for their greater good of course, well then there is not much standing in the way of much more control to come.

Here is the Huckster’s recent jab at Sarah Palin, who rightly poked fun at the lunacy of Michelle Obama’s proclamation that we should skip desert!


There was little coverage or hype over the Huckster’s Michelle Obama interview, it was so embarrassing I don’t think the media, and even Fox wanted to hype it much.  I can tell you it was outrageous!

I did find the transcript however:


Here are some of the stupid MO comments:

“they have no place to get them because their communities are in food deserts”

“There are 23.5 million Americans who live in food deserts, and this isn’t just in urban communities…“

This was followed shortly by drulling question from the Huckster to MO:

“They want to know, how do you have such wonderfully toned arms.”

My prior post, with links to data that show this is all a LIE, there are no food deserts that make people FAT!  (like you needed proof?!)



And just out:  Food bans in school!   Well, maybe the chocolate bar will become as sought after as… well you can get the point, this of course will be a miserable failure, like all leftist authoritarian attacks on freedom!



One Response to “Don’t be fooled by the “Huckster”. Huckabee is not a Conservative, he is a populist.”

  1. Dave D. said

    They now classify obesity as a security threat since, in their words and Michelle Obama’s, so many get turned down by the military for obesity. I certainly have not heard education being touted as a security threat since an article today states that 25% of people applying for the military get turned down because they are uneducated. Huckabee won’t get my vote, ever.

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