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Pattern of Cover Up with Mixed Gender Disaster (and general sexual impropriety) in the Military

Posted by mrfixit on December 20, 2010

I’m all for opportunity and all for men and women serving in the military to their maximum potential, out of free will to serve and with the TRUTH out in the open.

I’m against LIES, against those that sell a rosy picture of utopian mixed gender crews on long deployments while on Navy ships or forward deployed troops away from family, I’m against those that cover up the sexual depravity that all too often takes place.

I would prefer that men and women serving in the military know the true dangers and pitfalls that come with anything goes, no morality and rampant sexuality and activity in the ranks.

I’d rather people know the truth, the real morale, psychological and medical risks.

I’d rather they know that respect and professional behavior between people are virtually impossible when intimate sexual relations are added to the mix, so they would know WHY it is so important to avoid such compromising behavior in the first place. 

I’d rather we be rid of the PC culture that only serves to obscure reality and permit the vicious cycle of ever more unaware victims sucked into these self-destructive cycles of behavior.

I’ve heard it said over and over again that with enough leadership we can ensure a safe and professional environment where mixed gender military operations can take place free from inappropriate sexual tensions.  I’m told it is a non-issue.  But somehow reality does not seem to fit with that lie.

The wave of “leadership” firings for “loss of confidence” are at record levels, and while it is known when these stem from running a ship aground or from public infractions, what is almost always kept from the media and from public disclosure is the many cases that involve inappropriate sexual relations.  This is virtually always kept under a fairly tight and effective cover.  WHY?

Well I feel it is politically expedient.  To have to admit that in some times and places in military service it is best to have single gender units and separation where appropriate, well to admit this would directly challenge the myth that we can have asexual professionals in the military that can interact and forget the forces of human sexual attraction!  To challenge the myth is politically dangerous.  The radical feminists in high government positions could be dangerous to military budgets, and our high level leaders are spineless when it comes to this, they’d rather go with the flow than stand up for the truth.

Same kind of spineless cave on the end DADT and now forceing OPEN gay service, despite the very real and tangible risks that come with that behavior, and I have documented that extensively before:


And the recent misguided, not well thought out and hasty push to put women in mixed company with men on submarines:


Here are some examples of problems with mixed gender in the military, and in virtually every case there was either a cover up, or concerted effort to spin the story to fit the agenda of anything goes, no judgment on gender mixing in the military. 

Jill Metzger (Since the media would not touch this, it will likely be the first time you’ve heard this one):


Many military “leaders”:










And it is not always MIXED Gender, even before Open service, we have had incidents with inappropriate homosexual conduct, so let’s open the flood gates to permit even MORE of this:


We can even mention a Naval Officer -prostitute for good measure! 


Why stop there, let’s throw in the classic double standard, Man receives more punishment than Woman, for the same offense, Hmm, I wonder why?  No radical feminist Senators to back the man!


So exactly HOW is the mixing of gender and sexual orientation appropriate or prudent in the military?  It is NOT, but PC demands we ignore the inconvenient truth and adhere to the radical feminist party line.  This is all to our military’s and our nation’s demise.  (I contend the masterminds behind all of this know this and that is EXACTLY their intention!)

Modern Feminists are not interested in femininity, which is why they are most vicious in attacking WOMEN, like Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann! 

My prior post on that:


We need to be realistic, and place reasonable and fair standards, controls and separation where appropriate to minimize sexual tensions and temptations; we should acknowledge human imperfection and not tempt it to catastrophically fail, ESPECIALLY in the Military.


Well, here is more.  The video if very slow to load, but just the summary, well you get the picture.

What did people expect would happen when you take college aged young adults and put them in close proximity away from society for long periods of time? 

To think we can make it all stay professional and not have issues with human nature, well naive is putting it mild, it is just foolish.  Now look at what the LEADERS do and then tell me how this can work well, how can we expect a professional fighting force when we have placed so many distractions in the mix as impediments? 

Yes I know, we are going to hear those say it works just fine, but compared to what?  Have we had to deal with this in a major war?  NO, we have not.  I contend we have weakened our capability with social experimentation, but we have spineless leaders that will intentionally obscure or ignore the facts.  The fact is it is chaotic, it is draining resources and manpower in major ways and it is not going to get better with mixed gender submarines and now the push for open homosexuality.  It is going to push the military to the limit; it is going to cripple our military.


More detailed description, and accurate if you are having trouble with the really slow video feed:


And let the “party” begin, a site already up and running to facilitate homosexual hook-ups in the military!


I never checked, is there a similar site dedicated to heterosexual hook-ups, specifically for Military?  Not that I’d ever need to check it out…


What is it with the media interviewing clueless “experts”?  Here they get a female aviator to say the video was no big deal, but she admits she has not even seen it!

“Lohrenz said that while she hasn’t seen all the videos, the ones she has seen have not convinced her Honors should lose his post as the now-No. 1 commander aboard the Enterprise.”

Well I have seen it, and in my Navy experience I deem it very unacceptable.  It sets a very promiscuous attitude about sex in a mixed gender crew, and it comes from a senior officer.  This should not be acceptable in a professional military unit!  How can this guy stand in judgment of junior sailors or officers who violate the UCMJ with inappropriate relationships and sexual activity when he essentially endorses it in his videos!  The US Navy is NOT supposed to be a giant coed fraternity and sorority house, and party cruise. 



Does anyone think a Male tyrant could get away with this? 

Amazing that despite a mountain of evidence, the female on the board could not vote against her gender…  Well what does that say? 



CAPT Honors is out, no surprise.  What is surprising is that this was kept under wraps for over 5 years, and only came out now.  Believe me this is tip of the iceberg out there and there is much that is far worse that we don’t know about.  The military has been quite effective at damage control on these issues, however they couldn’t control damage on this one…



I’m sure other senior officers knew, but none will fall for this, CAPT Honors is the designated fall guy on this one:



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