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Living Beyond Our Means… Well Some of us anyway, but we are expected to pay so others can do this while we are responsible!! I don’t think so…

Posted by mrfixit on December 20, 2010

From a story I sent out before I started this blog:

WARNING: This will likely make you MAD!

 So, check out this story, and watch the video clip.

 Then ask why we should subsidize those who feel somehow entitled to homes like these, while you live modestly in a home you can actually afford, and you make your payments, and I’m quite sure your payments are not remotely close to $3600/mo!

 We cannot live beyond our means, and those who do have NO right to demand that the rest of us subsidize their extravagance via our taxes and expenses carried by banks, banks who profit from US then distribute to others (at a loss, meaning they charge us MORE eventually, or ask for Government help, and again via our TAXES!), one way or another, we, taxpayers, those who PAY our bills and work to do so, we support those now demanding help, many who live in relative extravagance to our more humble, more sustainable lifestyles.  NO, this cannot stand. 

 It is not the fault of the bank, and if they help, they take from us, directly in fees WE PAY or via Gov’t help which we pay in taxes!  NO MORE!

 Call me cold, but this guy can live for much less than $3600/mo, and there are plenty of more modest affordable houses he can and should consider. 

 The arrogance and sense of entitlement sickens me, while the rest of us work, pay taxes and make our mortgage payments on our humble homes, these people expect our charity so they can keep their near mansions!?

 I don’t think so.  


Here is the cached page, hope this one comes up:


4 Responses to “Living Beyond Our Means… Well Some of us anyway, but we are expected to pay so others can do this while we are responsible!! I don’t think so…”

  1. Dave D. said

    The link does not come up.

  2. mrfixit said

    Well that figures, the biased media seems to do this often. I worked earlier in the day when I posted it, but no longer.

    Let me provide a brief description of the video, a guy with a REALLY nice house he can’t afford, also speaks broken English, well he expects the bank to cut him some slack on his $3600/mo mortgage. A second similar guy is interviewed, also really nice house, same picture, broken English and expecting special deals from the bank, deals you and I would not ask for, since they are not reasonable demands to make.

    I’ll see if I can find the video posted somewhere else on the net, but so typical to pull down a video clip so obviously outrageous.

  3. Dave D. said

    Thanks for the cached copy. Unbelievable and the press buys this story hook line and sinker. Denigrate the banks in a bid to get a handout.

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