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TSA: It is all a SHAM! They are grossly incompetent! But they trample your 4th Amendment rights anyway, and provide no real security!

Posted by mrfixit on December 19, 2010

I’ve made many posts on this subjects, but to get a new update out, this story deserves another.

Well done by ABC!  They show the “security” is a sham.  Agents miss contraband more than they catch it, and the new scanners and pat-downs will really do nothing to stop this either.  They are being used to see how much the public will accept, how far they can push before we resist.  They have gone way too far already, and sadly most of the public remains sheep, and does not realized the water is boiling.  Our freedom is at stake, what little bit of it we have left.


Add to that, they can’t even be trusted to stop people with highly infectious TB from getting on your flight!


Previous posts:





Union Thugs move in to deny “private” contractor security at airports.  (OK, that is not exactly what the AP said, but it is the UNION that gains, and we know who is really running the show at TSA!)


Speaking or unions, they are moving toward making the screeners unionized, the REAL reason for this from the beginning.



TSA screeners steal from passengers and bribe their manager in New Jersey:



Alaska politician banned from flying after refusing a pat down, her statement her says it well:


Meanwhile repeated failures at TSA to detect weapons, even in these stupid scanners!



One Response to “TSA: It is all a SHAM! They are grossly incompetent! But they trample your 4th Amendment rights anyway, and provide no real security!”

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