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The Real Reason the LEFT loves Mass Transit: It creates dependence, and it permits them to control you, it literally eliminates some of your freedom!

Posted by mrfixit on December 19, 2010

For all the talk about congestion, and saving the planet, blah, blah.  It is all a lie.

The real reason the Left love mass transit is it fits so many of their objectives.  The mass transit creates more government unionized jobs, it creates a new class of citizen now dependent on government for their mobility and freedom of movement, and it permits the literal control of the freedom of movement of the citizens, or shall I say subjects.

The hated single occupant vehicle, well it is literally the embodiment of INDIVIDUAL freedom.  The driver can go on their own schedule, to their own destination.   They are not tied to a schedule, they are not tied to the schedule of others via a carpool or rideshare.

The cover that it is all about saving the planet is another in a long list of lies by the left.

Now, I say this as one who has used mass transit, buses and ferries.  I’ve carpooled; I’ve even gone to the extreme of riding my bicycle 16 miles (one way) to work!

I was never under the illusion that somehow I was saving the planet, which is a pure line of BS.

I used various forms of transit when I could for purely economic and practical reasons.  It saved money, and it made a long commute more bearable by not being stuck in a car in stop and go traffic.  I was also able to have great discussion in a carpool and on the ferry.  There are reasons that such forms of transit are good, I’m not saying we should be rid of them, but rather we should use them out of FREE CHOICE, not coercion or force.

Here is when the carpool and mass transit did not work.  Individual work schedules often made carpooling not possible, weather made the bicycle ride not practical or even safe much of the year, the ferry schedule demanded a clear and exact end time to my work shift, this was not something I could do each and every day and still fulfill my work demands in a SALARY position driven by OUTCOME, not shift hours.  When these options fell apart, the tried, tested and true single occupant vehicle was always flexible enough and practical enough to get me where I needed to be. 

Now, add to all this, the chaos and security farce of the TSA, the new attempts to screen subway and even bus riders, and you can see that when and if you get large numbers of people dependent on mass transit, you have the ability to literally control almost every aspect of their lives.  Not even the security and privacy of their own bodies is viewed as off limits!

Can you image the implications for self defense?  You won’t be able to have on your person a weapon which might be most vital in exactly the type of situations commonly found in public transportation situations! 

You will be made an easy target and victim by surrender of your ability of self defense in a situation where there is no guarantee that the “authorities” can provide any real measure of protection for you.

Let’s look as just a few examples of the great security and the type of situation you might get to experience while using mass transit:

(this one is great, Sherriff says riders are safe, and that makes us feel better?)


(now if it were five white kids attacking a black pregnant women, this would get NATIONAL attention and be called a Hate crime, but not here…)

Attacked in a bus station in front of 3 guards that did about NOTHING to help:


This one is funny because of the outcome, but they don’t normally end like this:


A blind woman attacked, this time passengers did protect her! But the perp was not charged!!!


Woman attacked with no provocation:


“Hill said what was just as disturbing was during the attack, no one tried to stop it.

“The bus driver sat there. All the other passengers sat there,” said Richards.

“I’m very surprised because for one, she is a woman. How could you sit there and watch a man beat a woman in the face. For two, she is a person. You should help anybody if they need help,” said Hill.“

Well, NYC subway, only 14.000 reported felonies per year!  Feeling safe now?


9 attack women and break bones on a bus:


Another incident this one with mace sprayed into a kids eyes:


Harassment on the subway:


Homeless foreigner (illegal?) assaults man on bus:


FEELING like you want to ride some mass transit yet?

TSA like screening coming to all forms of mass transit:




Two women attack another woman, repeatedly.  One of the attackers has 2 toddlers that at one point are trampled in the confrontation.  Also note the complete lack of action by anyone else on the bus to even attempt to separate these women, or to attempt to keep the children out of the dangers zone.

Feeling like you want to ride the bus? 



This is great, an idiot smoking, then an idiot bus driver that uses excessive force to eject idiot 1.  2 idiots is not better than one!   Two wrongs do not make a right.  Let’s not forget this.



One Response to “The Real Reason the LEFT loves Mass Transit: It creates dependence, and it permits them to control you, it literally eliminates some of your freedom!”

  1. Dave D. said

    Funny how YouTube considers this inappropriate video for it to be shown. It can be viewed on numerous other sites so why would YouTube prevent it’s airing? Ah, could it be to protect the perpetrators from a racist accusation? I think so.

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