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Obama Lies – America Dies

Posted by mrfixit on December 19, 2010

Well, we all heard the mantra against GW Bush about WMD, it was relentless and non-stop.  Never mind that there were WMD, some even found, never mind the conditions of the first gulf war cease fire were grossly violated, never mind that bi-partisan support for use of force was passed in congress.

We still heard the mantra: Bush lied, people died.

Well, with Obama it seems most every word he says is a lie.  The transparency, a lie, the review of bills for 5 days before signing, a lie.

Now he even expects us to believe he scoops the presidential dogs poop off the White House Lawn?  I’d like to see video evidence of this whopper! 


But apparently it is not the first use of the dog poop story, for some reason Obama likes to talk about his dog’s poop!


He even talked dog poop before he even had a dog and was inaugurated!


I think I just discovered a weird fascination this man has with dog poop…

Anyway, I’m not sure he ever does say anything that is not lie. 

Well, in his lies, the US economy is continuing its path of destruction.  Don’t buy the propaganda of a recovery, remember last summer?  You know the “recovery summer” well that is what they told us, and there is no such recovery.  It is another LIE.

Now we are hearing there are good economic indicators, why would they break a string of constant lies and start with a concept unusual to this administration?  Truth is a foreign to this administration as it gets. 

You see, I’ve studied these types, the Saul Alinsky radical types.  Lying is a essential element of their tactics.  It is essential because all they believe is one big lie. 

Ironically even Alinsky admits it!  Buried in his book rules for radicals he admits that redistributive change is in fact futile!  He says the achievers will continue to achieve, and those who sponge off the redistributed wealth of others will squander that wealth and again become poor!   It is all in vain, except one thing:  The accumulation of power and control over others.  The destruction of freedom, the creation of mass servitude to the few elite “organizers”, or leaders.

So I want to start a new chant here and now, but unlike the morons against Bush and the Iraq War, we know for a fact that Obama is lying nearly constantly, and we know our country is in sharp decline, so this chant is based on an actual informed analysis of reality!

Here are some lies:






As to America dying under Obama, well just a few…

Still posted at the Whitehouse website! (maybe not for long), the kick off of “recovery summer”:


More accurately WRECKOVERY Summer!

Even ABC News had to report the abysmal failure of this recovery (but the actual goal was attained, it was for WRECKOVERY, and we did further wreck freedom and capitalism!)


And the people did not buy it:


So, how is the USA doing with Obama?  

Economy is in free fall. https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/expect-the-financial-meltdown-within-the-next-2-years%e2%80%a6/

Afghanistan is having all time record casualties and little progress. https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/massive-media-bias-2010-troop-casualties-near-the-combined-total-for-2001-2008-and-we-have-heard-almost-nothing/

WikiLeaks (with no effective effort to prevent it) has destroyed US credibility globally.


At some point you have to think a smart guy like Obama can’t make all these mistakes, then you might begin to realize this is on purpose! 

Obama Lies – America Dies !


Can there be any question about it?  The Economy is getting worse, governments are in essence bankrupt and the national debt is completely out of control, and this is from Obama’s policies!

It is a fair question, and I think the answer is an obvious yes…


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