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Your Congress votes to endanger Military Troops with medically and socially dangerous experiment with open Gay Service in the Military

Posted by mrfixit on December 18, 2010

It is looking inevitable that your ignoramus, out of touch, politicized “representatives” are going to ignore the real valid and compelling reasons to have a ban on homosexual behavior in the military.

Let it not be forgotten who supported this absolute disaster:


I’ll go as far to say this will end in disaster not only for the fighting effectiveness of our military, but will also lead to MORE misery for those Gay members so anxious to make their sexual behavior an advertised display for all to see. 

I’m calling it here and now, there will be an explosion of same sex sexual harassment cases, and the minority gay population is going to be out numbered and it is going to be nearly impossible for them to prove innocence when sharing berthing facilities! 

This has never really been about rights, it has been about an agenda to destroy the effectiveness of the US Military, and it will do damage.

In my prior posts I pointed out that from a medical standpoint alone, male homosexual behavior is very risky, and that is not even disputable, but yet we are to not be concerned with that, while we FORCE flu shots (with a tiny flu death risk) and we mandate additional motorcycle training for risk, etc.

The military is constantly restricting BEHAVIOR on the account of risk, now we are going to accept people who are so medically risky the FDA and all blood banks BAN THEM for donating blood on the account of RISK.

Then I pointed out from DoD statistics the rapidly increasing rate of male victims of sexual assault, with a simple calculation it comes out that male homosexuals are 3 to 4 times more likely to commit assaults!  Now that again is a risk we are to accept, but don’t dare ride in the back of a pick-up truck, that would be against a direct order on account of risk, and you’d be forced to pay your own medical bill should you have an accident in that pick-up.  But engage in homosexual sex, get HIV or AIDS, and the US Taxpayer will pay the full cost!?

This is insanity, but that seems to be standard policy with this group of politicians. 

Previous Posts:






Well if it is OK because Gays are somehow better able to control themselves and make heterosexuals comfortable with them sharing the shower, then as a married heterosexual I demand to share the shower with the women, I too have learned to not look, and to not be tempted, this as a married heterosexual!  Will my rationale work?  NO WAY – so why now are Gays given special status OVER the majority – the NON-Gay population?!


News Busters busts NBC BS bias:



Previous work on why have Gay Ban in the military, from 1993, nothing has changed in the reasons, but we are doing it anyway….

It is to destroy or erode the US military, it makes no sense with any other perspective..


 (12/22/2010) Try to find the actual bill signed by Obama that enacts the POLICY Repeal, I gave up, it is elusive at best, or it is not available, WHY?

I may have found it at the Gay website, but it is from last May, not sure if this is the text that passed, but likely similar.  Politicians are lazy:



I stumbled upon a plethora of medical information that suggests a cover up for the real risks of male homosexual activity, but an active effort has been made to obscure this information!

Homosexual men and much higher risk for parasitic infections:


Actually more likely to have all forms of STDs, this CDC study indicates a whopping 62% in fact, that from a tiny segment of the total population:


Not to mention the statistics indicate the problem is getting much worse, not better despite all the efforts at education about “safe sex” it is a miserable failure for this segment of society.

Here is a quote:

“Since 2000, the largest increase in syphilis cases has been among men who have sex with men (MSM). In 2009, MSM accounted for nearly two-thirds of syphilis cases (62%), up from just 4% in 2000. “


More from CDC: “Members of the LGBT community are at increased risk for a number of health threats when compared to their heterosexual peers” 

Yes, like 53% of new HIV/AIDS in 2006 and then there is even another 4%  portion of the remaining 47% that are also associated with male homosexual activity!  That is 57% of the total.



More quotes:

 “Indeed, gay and bisexual men of all races and ethnicities are the most affected of any group of Americans.”


Only 22 states track this data?  Why are they not all interested in tracking this data, is there a motive to cover up this very real risk and problem?

“new HIV diagnoses in 22 states with name-based HIV reporting systems”


(Oh, in this data set it shows declining hetero-sexual HIV infections but increasing MSM (male homosexual infections)

Then there is Anal cancer risk, associated typically with male homosexual activity as a risk factor (most who get it before age 50 are men):

From the list for risk factors: “having receptive anal intercourse”


And it works out to a 35 times higher risk according to this site:

“Anal cancer affects men and women, but it is the only cancer with a greater prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) than in the general population. About 35 in every 100,000 MSM develop anal cancer, compared to less than one in every 100,000 heterosexual men. The risk for anal cancer in HIV-positive men is twice as high as that for HIV-negative MSM.”


And another source that confirms this data:


Minnesota Department of Health says:

“Men who have sex with men (MSM) in Minnesota and the United States continue to suffer the effects of a variety of health disparities. Reasons for this are complex, but the results are real: increased rates of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, increased rates of rectal cancer as well as smoking and substance abuse, to name a few.”


This report suggest an even more elevated risk (Nearly 70 times, with onset in the 40’s):


And there are other Risks, this one a bacteria (Lymphogranuloma Venereum

(LGV)) that causes ulcers and fistulae and also associated mostly with male homosexual sex:


Apparently this is a fairly new medical risk, this from 2005, but I have heard very little about it, but it is yet another risk associated almost exclusively with male homosexual sex:


And the CDC is on it as well:


In the UK:


US data:



From Australia:


So why don’t we hear about these dangers and risks for male homosexuals and why are these medical risks not worth consideration when accepting recruits?  Other medical “risks” are denied, but these risks, well we are to look the other way and ignore?  How is that fair or just?

We don’t know much because it was a marketing scheme to conceal the truth.  These medical risks have long been realized and the risk of male homosexual activity as well, but there has been a very effective campaign to cover up the truth, this entry from Conservapedia does a great job of explaining this effort:



10 Responses to “Your Congress votes to endanger Military Troops with medically and socially dangerous experiment with open Gay Service in the Military”

  1. Dave D. said

    “This has never really been about rights, it has been about an agenda to destroy the effectiveness of the US Military, and it will do damage.”

    Typical of the democrats and this administration. They are doing everything they can to bring down our military capability.

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