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Can this nation survive another 2 years of Obama? He can’t even present the Medal of Honor correctly! What an absolute disgrace…

Posted by mrfixit on December 18, 2010

I had heard about the failure to offer a salute to the newly awarded recipient, that alone is an oversight hard to forgive, but it gets worse…


Here is what the lame-stream news reported, covering the flop and embarrassing performance of Obama:


Then there is this video, apparently the ceremony was packed, but he families and fellow soldiers were forced in the back, while the pathetic politicians were placed in the front row!!


And it is not the first such disrespect from Obama, there is more.  Strange the media is mostly silent on this, but had Bush so much as misplaced a syllable in a word of a speech, I’m sure they’d not fail to report that 24/7!

Here is a picture, looks just like described in the YouTube piece:


(photo 50)


Michelle wears a very flowery dress for a posthumous, somber ceremony.


And if you doubt that link, here is another:



Well his progressive buds are not much better, and unlike GW Bush, he is too busy to call families of the fallen, but has time to praise a football owner for hiring a dog abuser…  Priorities I guess…  Perhaps now that his strategy has led to record troop deaths he could not keep up with the calls, but who knew, the media does not seem to care.



One Response to “Can this nation survive another 2 years of Obama? He can’t even present the Medal of Honor correctly! What an absolute disgrace…”

  1. Dave D. said

    Thanks Mike,
    This is as pathetic as pathetic can get. I’ll honor the office of President but I cannot bring myself to respect him.

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