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Right on Cue, the UN is working on Internet Controls!

Posted by mrfixit on December 17, 2010

I warned that the WikiLeaks crisis was manufactured to be a catalyst to open the door to regulation and controls on free speech.  It was never about what was on the surface, it was always about giving cover and an excuse to clamp down on information distribution.


This is why you must get informed and educated NOW.  It is quite possible that not far in the future sites such as this and all others will be silenced.  I know, you don’t think it can happen, well the Jews in Germany did not think the Holocaust could happen either, and when they realized it was happening, it was TOO LATE.

I would hope and pray that if enough citizens get informed, active and engaged in their system of government at all levels, NOW while there is still some opportunity, we can turn back the rising tide of tyranny, but it would appear to be a long shot.

With all that is going on, I see the vast majority of the American people are continuing as sheep, not willing to do much of anything to stop this.  The Tea Party movement is a good sign, but will it continue to grow, will it continue to be effective?

I pointed out the tax compromise with Obama was a trap, and despite this, it passed.  Far too many Republicans still don’t get it, as with far too many citizens.

Many still think the economic disaster is on the account of incompetence.  This is simply not the case.  The collapse was ON PURPOSE.  It was designed and perpetrated upon us to collapse the capitalist; freedom based “system” so that a crisis would exist to permit the dictatorship needed to usher in the collectivist utopia!  This was the long held dream of the radicals that now dominate the high levels of our government!   These “experts” don’t actually realize what they are doing is wrong.  The actually think it is all justified and for our greater good, and that is why they are so dangerous! 

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