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GOP Falls right into the trap set by Obama and his handlers. They still do not have a clue…

Posted by mrfixit on December 17, 2010

I previously posted about the Obama “Tax Compromise” as a trap.  It will not help the economy, it is only 2 years, not long enough to permit some confidence for a market in turmoil, it extends unemployment to near 3 YEARS total of payments, further draining resources and sapping any initiative of those out of work, and it allows a 35% increase in the death tax, ripping off real wealth, including the few remaining family farms and small businesses.  In short it is a disaster, and the Republicans that fell for it don’t inspire any confidence for the years ahead.  It makes my prediction of a catastrophic economic collapse in the next 2 years MORE likely. 

Previous post:


Collapse post:


So why is the collapse more likely?  Well let me take a stab at that.  Since this is so short term, the stability and certainty the financial and business types are looking for is not helped in meaningful way, we now have the highest corporate taxes in the world, and we have regulations the literally sap any incentive of new business activity or expansion, hence no help for new jobs. 

Pile onto that another extension to unemployment payments, which not only drive us into more debt, it discourages people from taking jobs, granted the pay may well be lower than these folks would wish, but the reality is the jobs lost are not coming back for the foreseeable future, and we simply cannot pay people to not work indefinitely. 

So, the economy will not be helped, it will actually be hurt!   Meanwhile Obama now has the ability to claim he had bi-partisan support on this bill, and he will peddle the lie that the Rich who did not see increased taxes here, well he’ll say they did not do their part to hire people and help out.  He’ll blame others, as he always does, this time it will be the rich for the continued economic decline. 

When the unemployment extension runs out in a year, with no improvement, he’ll go back to the public and claim it was the Republicans who did this, he’ll say they protected the rich, and they were greedy, they did not do the patriotic thing and hire people and grow the economy! He’ll say again he fought this, but it was forced upon him, but now we must do it different.

It might just fool enough people, and he’ll scare the wimp republicans enough to get new legislation to AGAIN extend unemployment until right before the 2012 elections.  He’ll convince the public and wimp Republicans to pay for the new extension with new taxes on the rich!  He’ll then get exactly what he wanted! 

At some point, China and our other debtors will tire of propping us up.  They are already moving out of the US dollar as a reserve.  This will hit a tipping point, and when it does, massive inflation will follow.  This will make a bad situation worse, creating even more demand on government handouts.  More dependent citizens will vote for the protection of their meager benefits.  This folks IS Cloward and Piven!! This is exactly what these radicals have been dreaming about for decades!

If you missed it, links to Cloward and Piven are within this post:


The collapse will be blamed on capitalism, and they will tell us we need a directly controlled central bank, and all the other trappings of a collectivist communist country.  Desperate people who don’t know better will demand some kind of action, and this will be the only action advertised.  Anyone who stands against this will be silenced, by physical force if needed, free speech will be squelched.

The election will be in a crisis. Desperate, hungry people will be AGAIN facing the cold, he’ll ask again for an extension of benefits, and this time right before the election.  Those opposing this will be painted as cruel, mean and uncaring, the media will show all the desperate people hanging on by the meager government payments, they’ll all look desperate, and many WILL be, and that will propel another 4 years of fundamental transformation, and likely destroy the GOP for many years to come.  There may not even be much transformation left to do at this point, we’ll have slipped into tyranny already be this point.

The trap the Republicans just walked into may well seal their fate.  The only hope they have is to wake up, but if they have not done so by now, I’m not sure there is much hope.  They still don’t get it, Obama wants the economic decline, he wants the deficits, and he wants it to be solved by inflation.  It serves the agenda to move us into a one world government, it serves the new world order agenda, and it punishes America for what he and others see as its atrocities, its unfairness.  It redistributes America’s wealth and makes in fairer!  This is who he is; it comes from what he has said, in his own words.  Since we still have Republicans that don’t get it, it is not looking good for course correction anytime soon.  Our hope is in the education of the people, and with their participation to WAKE up their representatives, or to replace them.  We have some good new representatives on the way, will they stand firm or be corrupted?  I’m not sure I’d put money on them standing firm, I’d like to be optimistic, but I’m not going to be naive to do so.

Brace yourself.  Prepare, and know what you believe.  Don’t fall for the lies and propaganda.

It is going to be us who are called upon to act to RESTORE this nation from all this destruction.  We will have to hold fast on the truth and weather this storm.  We need to build our numbers and stick together.  Apparently we don’t have enough with us now to do what must be done, but we need to get there. 

 Roll call of the vote in the house:


(note:  in the Roll call, Michelle Bachmann was not fooled, but Ron Paul WAS, along with most R’s!)

In the Senate:


(note: Jim DeMint was not fooled here, and a few Republicans, but most were)

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