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People are waking up… All sides are now saying decline is inevitable and perhaps it is now the USA that is the “sick man” economy of the world!

Posted by mrfixit on December 16, 2010

Will they ever realize that all this destruction was done on purpose, and orchestrated by the very people claiming to be their friends?

The UNIONS participated in the destruction of the US manufacturing base.  The Union bosses were in bed with the progressive one world politicians and even the big business CEO’s.  The fights they staged for the workers were all for show.

Now the Unions are running the show, and they are SHAFTING their members!

Here are some pull quotes, but the entire article is worth a read:

“They have agreed to talk despite expressing concerns about retribution by the UAW or Nexteer, which was recently sold to a Chinese investment group backed by Beijing’s municipal government.”

“Prior to the sale, workers at the plant rejected a new contract that would have new workers starting at $12 an hour, then approved it 10 days later under what workers describe as scare tactics by the UAW (a shareholder in GM since its bankruptcy) and Nexteer. “

“”We are obviously in a really positive environment,” he said. “There is a lot more stability in the industry and… the relationships — the UAW and the employers — I think is excellent.”

It is difficult to find rank-and-file UAW members who share King’s enthusiasm.”

“”I am beginning to think I don’t need a union,” Townsend said. “Why do I need a union to get me a job paying $14 an hour? I can find a job like that myself.” “

Thanks GOVERNMENT Schools:

” One third of American college students require remedial mathematics classes because they have not taken those classes at the high school level. A sound knowledge of mathematics is apparently exactly what America’s children need. “

Of course the idiots who wrote this cry about the unconstitutional US Department of Education and then think we need to spend more, when we spent about twice what we spend on Defense and much more than the other countries that are decimating our kids in educational performance.  Money is not the problem, the problem is spoiled, entitlement kids that have no work ethic for academics or real work, and a system of government schools that reward mediocrity and discourage achievement, a system more about teacher jobs than student performance, a system of virtually no viable competition and parental options. 


Now, let me point out some take away points from this article.  The writer has stumbled upon a lot of truth, but still does not seem to acknowledge this decline is a planed and managed decline from the puppet masters on the left.  No, most of the followers are not in on this game, they are pawns, being used by deception, and seduction to support their own demise.  Individuals are always expendable for the collectivist lefties, it is how they operate.

The biggest point in all this is to see that all sides, right, left and middle are starting to accept that we have some serious challenges ahead that are INEVITABLE.  That is why I’ve been warning you all to get prepared and to be educated in TRUTH.  In the chaos, there is going to be an increase in propaganda and lies used to complete this long in the making plan of a collectivist, redistributive one world government order.  You have to know why and how to reject this. It is a trap to enslave you.  Just as these Union workers are now seeing, the union made them great promises, but when they were in charge of the company, the threw them under the bus.  That is EXACTLY what will happen on a much larger scale if we don’t fight and stop this NOW.

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In Europe, Governments are seizing individual pension fund accounts to grab revenue, don’t think they won’t consider or attempt this in the USA, they have already been discussing this!


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