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Violence is on the LEFT. The media always wants to portray the NRA – Gun Toting citizen as a threat, but in reality they provide stability. It is kook left wing radicals that OPENLY discuss and use violence to achieve their “ends”.

Posted by mrfixit on December 15, 2010

This Florida school board shooter is yet another example of a left wing nut gone off the deep end.


Also, his TEACHER (actually former teacher after losing her job) wife seems to want us to sympathize with this guy’s cause, and she was in a classroom teaching our kids!


Not long ago we had the nut in Austin who flew his plane into the IRS building there.  The media in these cases were largely desperate to report an out of control violent Tea Party or right wing extremist, but in both cases they were anti-capitalist left wing nuts.


(Even Fox fails to mention this guy’s rant!)


It really should not be a surprise.  It is the left that preaches “any means” it justified.  It is clearly spelled out in Rules for Radicals, the works of the weather underground, the Columbia professors Cloward and Piven, the “Coming Insurrection” and countless other places.

If you don’t know about Cloward and Piven, these two links are MUST read background:



Let’s look at other radicals of the left:

Unabomber (Ted Kaczynski)





Charles Manson


Jim Jones


James Lee (Discovery Channel)


Of course these guys are really small fries compared the big ones, like Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot.

Each and everyone, left wing collectivist big centralized power and control freak types.  NONE respected or believed in the INDIVIDUAL worth and unalienable rights of each and every person.  That is where we can draw the real distinction.

Meanwhile the supposed violent right follows those like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, et. al.  These guys NEVER espouse “any means”,  quite the contrary in fact.  Beck for instance is very careful to frequently remind his audience to never take up arms and resort to violence (in an offensive way).

So, as much as they want the “right” to rise up and be violent, and this to justify a clamp down and use of force they need to crush and silence opposition.  Well it has not happened.

Frustrated, the left is now coming unglued and they are rising up and using violence, they are hoping to spark the kind of crisis they think will permit the real drastic measures needed to complete the promised fundamental transformation to the “workers’ paradise” of collective utopia.  Of course they never get past the tyrannical dictator stage of such a misguided quest.


They will FALSELY accuse YOU if they need to as well.  The left loonies try to claim left wing nut who shot up the school board was a Glenn Beck Listener, a complete LIE:


This is SLANDER, I hope Glenn Beck sues this guy and make him pay.  You should not be permitted to slander another person like this without being held to account for your actions.



Well, here it is, the Left is violent, but he media spins them as peaceful democracy and freedom fighters, NO they are tyrants fighting for CONTROL and they would squash real democracy with a North Korea style “democracy” if given the chance.  They MUST be stopped.



Does this mean these disgusting group of thugs endorse what happened to the CBS reporter in Egypt? 


More Violence on the Left:



4 Responses to “Violence is on the LEFT. The media always wants to portray the NRA – Gun Toting citizen as a threat, but in reality they provide stability. It is kook left wing radicals that OPENLY discuss and use violence to achieve their “ends”.”

  1. Dave D. said

    Yep. Just like the administration says, “We don’t want a crisis to go to waste”. I also believe they are doing what they can to spark an uprising. One can only imagine all the additional damage they could do to this country by using an uprising “crisis”.

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