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The Revolution is NOW! Do you know which side you are on?

Posted by mrfixit on December 14, 2010

Are you aware of this or are you still in denial?

Right now we have riots in Greece, France, Great Britain, Ireland, and Italy.  We have terrorist attacks in Sweden, we have economic disaster spreading across the globe, Nations have been “bailed out”.  Counties are in essence bankrupt.

If you think this stuff will somehow miss us here in the US, well you obviously missed those last two world wars.  What happens in the rest of the world will at some point affect YOUR main street, and now more than ever based on our internationally connected economies.

Just look at this story from Italy today (100 people, police and protestors INJURED):


You need to know where you stand, it must be on the side of truth.  The side rooted in our nation’s founding principle of individual, god-given, unalienable rights.  The side that respects and protects EACH and every human being as a miracle gift from God.  The side that stands for all that is good, and rejects the “any means” is justified methods that are rooted in evil.

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Here it is , this IN THE USA, and this is only the beginning. 

22 Arrested in “protest” on banks in LA:


Over 100 arrested in protest at the White House!


By the way the “Veterans for Peace” is a leftist organization funded by left wing kooks and linked into the same networks as all the Soros groups.  It won’t even publish their membership numbers, since they are tiny, and likely most are not even legitimate veterans!

These people are not really protesting Obama, they are doing what Soros and others have orchestrated.  They are providing the pressure and crisis Obama needs for cover to do what he really wants to do!  Make no mistake, Obama is in ideological lockstep with these radicals, but his position now does not permit him to show his true colors, he must be made to appear FORCED to do things based on the crisis these drones are creating.  This is not real grassroots, this IS ASTRO TURF.  These people are drones following the lead of their organizers.

Next, We have Bill Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist, friend of Obama.  He now claims Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were racist against Obama, and that he and Jeremiah Wright are moderate who have been right over the years!  As bad as that is, the part you need to take note on, he says it is us and them, and we need a ground game to push to the agenda.  That means if you are not with him you are against him, and this is a man responsible for killing people!  This is a man who is not apologetic for using violence to achieve his goals, and he has been teaching who knows how many college kids this same seditious crap. 

Know what side you are on, and prepare. They are preparing to come after you, and with any means, if you don’t prepare to defend, well it is not going to work out well.  They are telling us who they are, and what they are willing to do.  It is all in the open, but most are still in ignorant bliss mode. 



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