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Census Data is due out soon

Posted by mrfixit on December 14, 2010

Before the data is released, let me make a prediction.  The “blue” areas of the map will see population explosions, and the “red” will be steady or in decline.

One of the FIRST things done with this new administration was an effort to bring the Census supervision into the White House.   If you recall the original nominee for the Secretary of Commerce was to be the sole Republican in the Obama Cabinet, Senator Judd Gregg.  Initially he indicated his pending acceptance but he got wind of the efforts to move the census into the White House and out of his direct supervision.  I think he figured out he was being set up for cover and potentially as the fall guy should any nefarious plans and actions with the census get leaked out. 


Well they then picked a former Governor, Democrat Gary Locke from Washington State, and since then it has been off the radar screen.  And that is what makes it even more dangerous.  What REALLY happened with the census, and will the data be reliable and accurate?

I have studied these “progressives” and I’m here to tell you they believe in ANY MEANS to achieve their ends.  To fudge the data in their favor, well not only is that likely it is almost certain.  That is what and who these people are!

I’ll go one step further, I’ve been saying this for some time, the reason our progressive elites can pass legislation that is grossly unpopular, that they are IGNORING the rage of the citizens, that they have set up the system that will deny treatment to the elderly, and on and on, is that they know this census data will be sufficient for them to re-draw districts and set-up a system that will make their return to power near inevitable and almost impossible to beat.  It of course relies on the collective ignorance, and their infiltration and control of the voting process, things like the fraud elections in Minnesota come to mind.


Minnesota election “coincidences”:



Here it comes, not only does the state data not match what I feared, the internal data is not out yet, recall my point was blue dots on the map will see expansion, that would be regardless of states.  They can only fudge so much, there is a need to squelch the red states, this can be done like it is done in WA state.  Most of WA is very Red, but Seattle and surrounds manages to drive the state political scene by its massive population (dead voters, felons and illegal voters included!).


And here is CA already in line to fight for MORE, this is only the beginning:


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