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Posted by mrfixit on December 13, 2010

Ok, maybe not a word, but you know what I mean.

Check out this story, a pair of irresponsible, high on illegal drugs, distracted drivers cause a fatal crash, and now the defense lawyer is looking to blame it on the tires?!  Will a civil suit follow where they sue the tire manufacture and installers?  Yes seems ridiculous, but stuff like this does happen these days!


Oh, and get this, YOU PAY FOR this insanity!

“Possible defense strategies in his motion to authorize the retention of expert witnesses at public expense.”

I contend the vast majority, about 95% or so, of lawyers are in on the game of over burdening the “system” in this case FREEDOM/Capitalism in an effort to fundamentally change it.

Well, do they realize that “progress” and “change” from individual rights, LIMITED government must mean unlimited government with NO individual rights, including THEM. 

No, they don’t realize that, which they do, they are getting rich doing it.  They don’t look far enough ahead to see it cannot be sustained. The leaders of this effort know what they are doing (guys like George Soros), that is why they are buying precious metals and commodities.  They know the collapse is near, the useful idiots will be expended like the expendables they are.  Don’t be caught up in this stuff.  Don’t be a part of the system that is destroying us from within.


Now I’m seeing adds to sue just about everyone and every product.  As if we are somehow supposed to live forever and every product is somehow supposed to guarantee this!

Well, here is a stand-up guy, who took a very serious fall with injuries, and he is NOT interested in suing anyone, and the reporter is stunned at this, we have become so accustomed to everyone looking for some big payout, some big lawsuit in every tragic event.  It is refreshing to see an exception to that pattern:



One Response to “OverLawyered..”

  1. Dave D. said

    There is good reason to calling lawyers like this “ambulance chasers”. They follow in the footsteps of Gloria Allred.

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