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Managed Decline…We now depend upon the Russians for our manned Space missions!

Posted by mrfixit on December 13, 2010

This does not happen by accident!

This is on OBAMA’s watch.  The scraping of NASA’s ability to do its own manned mission is all Obama.  He owns this disaster for America’s future progress.

The Space race, and continued scientific advancement has brought in many other commercial applications of our daily lives.

Now we are to depend on the Russians for access to the Space Station for which the US Taxpayer funded a massive, perhaps even majority of the cost.

Here is a pull quote:

“Critics also complain that by leaving themselves so heavily reliant on the Soyuz, the United States could fall victim to costly price gouging at the hands of Russian space authorities.”


Thanks Obama!  But at least he’s giving those who will not work almost 3 years of payments funded by the taxes of those not yet born!  (Do you really think the Chinese are giving us free money?!)

The decline is in full swing, but Obama is calm cool and collected about this, no surprise it is what he always dreamed of!  (“Dreams FROM my Father” his own book hints at this!).

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