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If the Banks are making record profits from bailouts, then why is their stock in decline?

Posted by mrfixit on December 13, 2010

This article, typical blather from the financial speak of the elites, it completely misses what should be the most obvious question.  If the banks are doing well, then why?  If they are making money, why are people getting out of their stocks?


So, let me take a try to answer what they won’t discuss.  The Banks have been set up!  Yes, I think the entire bailout was engineered to “save” them in exchange for their acceptance of new mandates and restrictions that came with the bailouts.

The dividends are now controlled by the fed, they have cut compensation to their workers, and this while they SEEM to be making good money…

You see, when the system implodes, the dollar goes into free fall as the world starts dumping it as a reserve currency, they elites, even those who created this mess, will need to feed a very angry public some sacrificial lambs to deflect our anger from those really responsible.

They are doing this now with the WikiLeaks guy.  We need to be finding and stopping the source, but no one seems to even be asking about that issue…

There were banks that did not need the bailout, but were in essence forced to take it.  That was the first alarm signal.  It has played along to lead me to my observations here ever since.


Those pulling the strings in all this are working to collapse the system so they can rebuild a new system.  The collapse will create real victims, real harm, and real anger.  They need to deflect it, and having us angry at the Banks is PERFECT for their agenda.

Just look how SEIU used the FORCED bailout for effect.  The banks are already in the crosshairs, as symbols of capitalism. 


What are the banks replaced with if they are destroyed?  That is what we need to be asking!

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