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Government Gone wild! We can’t save anymore, the Democrats in WA state tell us, well how about this needless expense: Gov’t printing office…

Posted by mrfixit on December 13, 2010

I sat in town hall meetings with my Democrat representatives and heard them say how they can’t cut anymore.  BS!  Here is just one of many examples of where cuts are needed.  This is outrageous, but they ARE cutting budgets for education, and public safety, but this agency survives? \


Look, don’t fall for the trick.  They cut the programs you want, then you get angry, they tell you they need more revenue, they want to restore funding, but just don’t have the money.  They then hope you agree to more taxes!  It is a time tested and all too often effective ploy foisted upon the public.

There are ways they can cut and cut big time and STILL have enough to cover the services that provide the real value to the taxpayer. 

That they don’t work it this way tells you the real quest is to attain more power and control over you, not to really provide the services you want.  Those services they love to hold “hostage” as Obama might say.  They then demand the ransom in taxes from you.  All the while protecting and saving the wasteful, blotted government-union power cabal that keeps them in office.

As an example, a recent GOP candidate, one that came within about 3800 votes of winning, pointed out her Democrat opponent spent about $140K and had paid staff.  Meanwhile she spent less than $5K, and had only volunteer staff.  That money imbalance for Democrats is funneled through the big unions, and the most unionized sector now is Government. 

It is a travesty that this continues, and in the end we’ll all lose if we don’t stop this now.

My post on Money in Politics applies here:


and related:


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