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Don’t think what is happening in Europe will stay isolated to Europe. It is coming, actually it is already here. This is a GLOBAL effort underway.

Posted by mrfixit on December 13, 2010

If I had more time, and you had more time I could cite examples that would go on for many pages, but here is a recent event that gives a glimpse of what is ahead:


The unrest now hitting Europe will also affect the US as well.  We have also spoiled masses of the younger generation here, and when the bankrupt governments at all levels stop the hand-outs, they will come to TAKE what they want, and they’ll work on the “rich” first.  YOU ARE THE RICH! 

Wealth is relative and to these “20-somethings”, like virtually all that age are poor relative to those who have some years of a career and some accumulated assets.  These spoiled, indoctrinated college students have been programmed to think everything should be given to them as a RIGHT, and they don’t even comprehend what it takes to create value or wealth. 

Oh, and being a communist revolutionary is now apparently popular with the Nation Magazine:


If you think the inflammatory rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright was over the top, well look at Obama’s current spiritual advisor:


Here is a little sample of what is going down in Europe, history repeats itself:


If you missed my many prior reports, here are a few:




It is getting worse, not better in Europe… Meanwhile in the US media we are distracted with all sorts of fluff.  Folks the world is about to change, and change big.  It is like the 1930’s again, in many ways.  This time we have lunatics with Nuclear Weapons, terrorists, and revolutionaries in our OWN government all seeking to destroy our freedom.  Prepare, pray and stay connected to your fellow freedom loving patriots.


It is all coming apart, we’ll be next if we don’t try to turn course now, it will only be worse.



Ukraine parliament in actual physically violent brawl, with injuries! 


2 Responses to “Don’t think what is happening in Europe will stay isolated to Europe. It is coming, actually it is already here. This is a GLOBAL effort underway.”

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