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When you Hear “Fiscal Conservative – Social Liberal” Be warned, these are incompatible and over time, it almost always becomes all round Liberal.

Posted by mrfixit on December 12, 2010

We often hear the supposed enlightened tell us they are fiscally conservative, that they want financial freedom, low taxes, and a limited government.  With this, they will follow with maximum social liberalism.  No attempt to make a moral stand on any behavior, and the most notable issue always seems to be abortion.  These same folks fall in line with the flawed logic that a human life it somehow merely a choice!

For the sake of discussion, let’s assume the person taking this position believes in the Fiscal Conservative view.  Well then what happens when the Social Liberal side clashes with the fiscal side? 

For instance, the fiscal side says lower taxes, less spending, and that would lead to less government.   Well when the social liberal side leads to anything goes morality, and with that comes single parent children, increased use of addictive drugs, higher crime, poor work ethic, more poverty, and general decline in standards across the board.  We also get the disgusting attempt of those that say it is somehow ok to lie about sex, and that somehow you can have a barrier between your private conduct and your public conduct.

Well, this all leads to a higher demand upon the systems of government.  Either that or more burdens on charity, but with moral decline comes less charity, which largely leaves only government left to deal with the destruction caused. 

So, does the Social Liberal, Fiscal Conservative then withhold the now higher demands for government sustenance? –  Nope, they never do.  The social liberal ends up destroying the incompatible combination with the erosion of the fiscal conservative side. 

Now, does that mean a Conservative would like to use the FORCE of government to impose morality?  NO, they should resist any such effort.  Forced beliefs and morality are futile, or even counterproductive.  You can’t force a belief and make it genuine.  It must become self evident and be adopted by free will.

Our enemies and I call them that accurately, seem to know what is needed to destroy our civil society.  They seem to have called many times and in many places for the specific and direct disintegration of the nuclear family.  I know it seems outrageous, but I’ve seen it over and over as I study the dark works of our collectivist enemies.  It is mentioned in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, it is mentioned in the rambling manifesto of the Weather Underground, it is mentioned in the more modern “The Coming Insurrection” .

So, our defense needs to be to do the opposite of them!  Strengthen your families, create stronger bonds and seek the most self sufficient lifestyle possible.  Free yourself as much as you can for any dependence, and seek to be a person capable to help others.  Avoid dependence.

A conservative needs to also be a beacon of truth and honor, an example for others to follow.  Conservative views are to not reward, support or facilitate moral corruption.  There is no right to terminate another human being on account of convenience for the older person.  The government DOES have the mandate to SECURE our liberties, and there is a need to do so here.  When one person is infringing upon another’s rights that is a mandate for government force, but beyond that we need to stand back as much as possible, lest we become the tyrants we seek to stop.

Now, there are some sticky issues, like illegal drugs and such, and there it must be taken into account on what those drugs can and will do if widely available to vulnerable populations.  No, I don’t like doing it, it would be better to have parents proper moral upbringing act as deterrent to irresponsible behavior, but again when moral standards decline it ends up forcing government to act, an here is just one example. 

Our progressive/socialist/communist enemies have infiltrated much of our society and have done much damage to the nuclear family and our moral values.  We won’t magically get them back overnight, and to be honest will always need to seek to improve, there is no utopia on the earth.  It will take a long time to turn the tide back, but it is work the effort, and there is no other viable option.


Germany uses exploitation of women to derive tax revenue!  Yes a tax on prostitutes, legal there, so where does the “social liberal” lead, here is one example:


Speaking of Germany, the police are powerless to stop a 57 year old from having sex with a 17 year old, so a desperate, very angry father goes medieval on the 57 year old.  No, I don’t think this is a good idea, but when a society has no moral compass, allows this without any consequences, and also allows women to be used as sex toys for profit and tax revenue, is it really a surprise when desperate people take on very brutal “solutions”?



Here is what I’m talking about.  The Gay “rights” movement is splitting the Conservatives.  Here is the issue:  What does anything goes sexual behavior lead to?  What are the long term social impacts? 

Well, broken families, children raised with one parent or just fewer children in general.  Then there are sexually transmitted diseases, emotional turmoil as people can’t seem to figure out how to form and maintain a long term committed relationship in a culture that diminishes acceptance of such arrangements and instead places promotion and glamour on anything goes, Bill Clinton like sexual promiscuity.


The results of all this is a kind of social chaos that demands more social programs, and when this atmosphere pulls people away for churches and private support networks, it demands a larger more aggressive GOVERNMENT support system, and that destroys the fiscal conservative principles, since to pay for such a large entitlement system, you must expand the government “nanny” state.

For this reason, the pro-gay marriage and pro OPEN service movement cannot coexist with fiscal conservatism.  The mixture of these a people who hold that mix are confused, or just ignorant of the incompatibility of these views. 

I personally don’t care what consenting adults might do in private, so long as they are not in a position to endanger others with their activities. 

I previously made this case about open homosexuality and its REAL risks in the military service.  For medical reasons alone it should not be permitted.

Here is one of my posts on that:



One Response to “When you Hear “Fiscal Conservative – Social Liberal” Be warned, these are incompatible and over time, it almost always becomes all round Liberal.”

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