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Professor at University of Washington thinks Military Recruiters are akin to Child [sex] Predators

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

Folks when will we come to the realization that our College Campuses have become breeding grounds for our DOMESTIC ENEMIES!

When do we FIRE these enemy breeders?  WHY do they even have the ability to hide behind tenure and WHY do we have tenure anyway?

How can we continue this ENEMY’S pay, allowing her to attack us by indoctrinating YOUR children to become drones in their effort to destroy our nation and its finest longest held and most effective institutions, in this case the US Military.


I just finished” The Coming Insurrection”.  It is a despicable, dark, and twisted worldview.  This woman has the shared worldview of the authors of that book.   They seek to DESTROY what you and I call civilization and replace it with tribal like utopian communes!  Make no mistake, as absurd as that sounds that is HOW they think, and that is why this example seems so outrageous to you and me:  we don’t think that way.  I warn you, learn thy enemy, and learn it now.  They know you, and they seek your destruction.  You need to know who they are and how to STOP them.


The left HATES competition!  The real reason they despise the military recruiter is they compete with their ACTUAL predatory behavior to convert the young to be radicals for THEIR cause.

Here is a glaring example of one such radical, this a 15 year old:



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