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Obama, no wait.. Clinton “Presidential” press conference

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

Is it not clear by now that Obama only wants to “do” President, not actually “be” president.

It is all about image.  To be bothered with the details, well he seems to leave all that to others, like the army of Czars and the thousands of pages of bills he does not even read.

Now, he is not even interested enough to finish a press conference and leaves it to perjurer is Chief Bill Clinton to finish up, while he exits.


It appears Obama is a puppet.  Who then is pulling his strings?  This is a disgrace, when will a clear and enlightened majority of Americans wake up and demand their representatives work to investigate and if needed REMOVE this guy from office?

Yes, I’m saying it needs to be considered.  It seems clear he is involved in our national destruction, and I don’t think we should sit by idle while that process continues.  It is time for the relief valves in our system to be tested, I say investigate and impeach this fraud from office for the sake of saving what is left respecting our CONSTITUTION!

We are to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.  A domestic enemy is one that does not follow or respect the Constitution and its framework of LIMITED and SEPARATED powers!  So, if the President is constantly violating this, at what point does he become an adversary to the very Constitution he swore, or feigned allegiance, to protect?




5 Responses to “Obama, no wait.. Clinton “Presidential” press conference”

  1. Dave D. said

    Clinton admitted that he doesn’t understand economics which puts him and obama on the same crash landing course.

  2. mrfixit said

    If you mean free market, freedom based capitalist economics, you’d be correct. At least they do not understand why it works so well. What they want is a new system. They know they can only get there by destruction of the current system. This not to fix what we have, it is to destroy it. Too many are thinking they actually are trying to fix the system and are just not understanding of how to do it right. I contend they have no intention to fix it, they seek to destroy it.
    I ask this, if you wanted to destroy capitalism, how would you do it any different than they are doing it now? – Take control of the system, the means of production, and then overburden it to collapse it. Post collapse you build a new system, one that will not be freedom and capitalist based. That is what is in play here.

    • Dave D. said

      I just finished Dinesh D’souza’s book, “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”. He brought up some very good points which pertain to obama being an anti-colonialist. After reading this book, to me, all the evidence points to the rhyme for his reason. He is trying to destroy capitalism but the reason is because he is an anti-colonialist who wants the U.S and Britain to pay for their colonizations.

      • mrfixit said

        I have the book also, only skimmed it so far, but I think to guys like Obama Capitalism and Colonialism are interchangeable in their minds. I think there is no doubt they think they are punishing what they think is an unjust system.

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