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Ivy League “Respected” progressive political science professor is “charged” with 3 years of incest with his own daughter!

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

Where is the media on this?  Oh, that is right, too busy waiting for the Elizabeth Smart verdict for crimes about a decade old now.  That the Mecca of modern progressive journalists, Columbia University has a incestuous professor, nothing to see there of course…

Folks, this is where this leads.  A quote from comments on this one:

“This is the logical conclusion of the Gay Rights argument. This is a consensual sexual relationship between adults. The same as Polygamy… If the standard of sexual preference between consenting adults is the only legitimate standard, then who are we to judge?”

An earlier comment noted that the did not mention the “victim” was his own daughter, I’d say relevant information here!
Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/09/2010-12-09_columbia_professor_is_charged_with_incest_accused_of_bedding_young_relative_for_.html#ixzz17kL4hknz

Isn’t it the Ivy League elitist snob, progressive/liberal types in these so called institutions of higher learning that love to stereotype the country folk as unsophisticated morons, to include the age old incest label as well?

Well, perhaps they actually know a thing or two about incest, I seriously doubt this guy is alone in his sexual depravity.  The “progressive” often defines themselves by sexuality or sexual orientation as center or prominent in their belief system, so why are we so shocked that such liberation includes CONSENSUAL activity between father and daughter?  As the quoted comment above made well, it is the logical outcome of anything goes CONSENSUAL sexual activity is it not?

So, then why exactly is it going to be good to go down this road and force anything goes sexual behavior upon the military?

Post on the DADT policy:



Well as warned:  The anything goes consenting adult argument DOES lead to decriminalizing what this man did! 

That is on the table for discussion in Switzerland!!  I guess this professor and daughter need to move there…



2 Responses to “Ivy League “Respected” progressive political science professor is “charged” with 3 years of incest with his own daughter!”

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