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Don’t fall for the Deception. The Obama Tax Compromise is a TRAP.

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

I have heard some “conservative” talkers supposing that the Obama tax “cut” compromise is a good thing and that we should fall in line and support it.

NO WAY, it is a trap.  We should NOT support ANYTHING that is proposed in the control of lame duck Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Have we such short memories that we do not know these people crammed multi-thousand page bills down the throats of all of the US taxpayers, and against our will, and we are STILL learning of how far and wide the massive UNCONSTITUTIONAL expansion of federal power at the expense of individual liberty that was contained in their signature efforts.

Here is what is REALLY going on. Obama and the Democrats are creating a scene.  He knows many of his own supporters are too dense to know what his real intentions are, so the anger of the far left at him is predicted and occurs right on cue.  It may even be genuine, but he is playing them for fools.  He is still on their side, but the are not able to comprehend his manipulation over them (actually I use Obama in a general sense, I feel he is a mere puppet, I would say the puppet master behind the prompter and blackberry, but for brevity I’ll just use Obama, like his puppet master(s) are doing anyway)

So, what we have is a faux effort to compromise, but even if this passes, at best it slightly kicks the can down the road, but not far.  If it fails the results are not much different.

For starts we are not really talking cuts, we are talking tax HIKES, or avoiding them.  If Obama and the Democrats really cared about the “middle class” tax cuts, they could have passed such an extension months ago when the Republicans were much weaker.  The fact is they do want increased taxes for ALL, it is not about tax: it is about CONTROL.


So either way, Obama will win! (for now) He will get to tell us all when it fails, either way, that he tried to save us, he tried to work with both sides, but the stubborn Republicans wouldn’t help him (Of course the fact it was Democrats that actually have the POWER will be ignored, as it has been for the last 2 years!  It has been Democrats he has had difficulty getting on board his agenda!)

Here is what the GOP should do. Draw a line in the sand, no further compromise.  Demand a 10 year freeze on current tax rates for ALL, and not cave at all. Accept only tax rate cuts as additional measures, like the payroll tax cut, but nothing else.

Why? – Because Obama and Democrats will not compromise.  At the end of the year taxes will go up, then in the new congress they can send up a bill each and every DAY if needed until one passes, then they can show it is clearly the DEMOCRATS that are RAISING YOUR TAXES and the Republicans are trying to STOP the tax increase.  They can make the rates retroactive, then if the Democrats and Obama fight, it will be VERY CLEAR who is raising your taxes, and the economic disaster will be completely owned by them.

If this thing goes through with now with bi-partisan support, the collapse will still happen, but the Democrats will be able to point to GOP support and blame the GOP for “forcing” the compromise the made it get worse, they will blame a near powerless GOP of today, for what THEY did.  IT IS A TRAP, do not DO IT.

Make it very clear who is responsible for the INTENTIONAL destruction of the US economy.  Don’t play the game of those who actually believe that the US needs to be on a level playing field with the rest of the world, as Obama does. 

You see, he actually believes in that garbage, and there is no way his core beliefs have been changed.  It is clear from his over the top, un-presidential comparison of Republicans to terrorist hostage takers.  If there is a real terrorist and real hostage, I’d agree the people are the hostages, but their government master is the hostage taker and WHO IS IN CHARGE, it is NOT the GOP, this is still the LAME DUCK Congress!

If you have a Republican representative in congress, send them this post and urge them to vote against ANY Obama compromise in the lame duck, it is a set-up, it is a trap. Do not fall for it!

If you have a Democrat, well, don’t send this post, but tell your representative to oppose the Obama compromise because you think he can do better.  (you don’t have to be specific, most Democrat supporters are drones and are not really well informed anyway, I have studied them at town hall meetings!)

If we can make sure nothing passes in the Lame Duck, it is best, because anything out of the Nancy Pelosi congress is a step to national destruction (from our perspective, they think it is “progress”).

  Almost forgot, Democrat PROGRESSIVE no. 2 (oh and sole Muslim, by coincidence) want a crisis to force the discussion of highest taxes.



Others have figured it out:



I’m not alone in my analysis, Mitt Romney is spot on with this piece:



3 Responses to “Don’t fall for the Deception. The Obama Tax Compromise is a TRAP.”

  1. Dave D. said

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the democrats are in cahoots with obama on this and are just putting on a make believe show of angst.

  2. mrfixit said

    Well, I can go with some, but I actually think most are genuinely ticked. They don’t want any compromise at all, and they are being played as useful idiots. They may be ticked now, but Obama and the left know they will fall in line in 2012, there is no way they’ll leave and support a GOP candidate. It ends up all being for show.

  3. […] https://minorityrightsadvocate.wordpress.com/2010/12/10/don%e2%80%99t-fall-for-the-deception-the-obam… […]

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