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Do you remember the gas price when Obama took office? Well how about $1.81, now over $3.00 and most media is silent!

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

Remember the firestorm when GW Bush was president and prices rose?

This is part of a plan, they WANT prices to rise, it is international re-distribution of wealth that is going on , and the USA is losing…  Our leaders are in on this game!

No, today or media seems to be running non-stop coverage of the Elizabeth Smart verdict, even BEFORE it is read.  Convenient distraction, meanwhile Europe is experiencing rising anarchy, and our nation is facing financial ruin and massive price increases in food and energy, but don’t mind that spend hours and hours WAITING for a verdict on a kidnapping verdict from almost a decade ago!



Well the price keeps going up, the media is largely silent, again:


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