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Culture of Decadence

Posted by mrfixit on December 10, 2010

We cannot continue to idolize and worship decadent and morally corrupt celebrities.

Miley Cyrus is poised to follow in the Britney Spears model of self destruction, and if many girls idolize either of these two, they may well follow that destructive trend.


We need to get back to the basic building blocks of a strong society, and that is the FAMILY.  We need to reinforce our family ties and then our neighbor ties and stay away and avoid the temptation to be caught up in the pop culture. 

Be caught up in your family, neighborhood and church.  Be invested in honor, integrity, and charity.


That there could even be a legitimate free speech argument for a book on how to abuse a child and get away with it!?  Look free speech is not meant to cover how to disrupt and destroy the lives of others!  Free speech is for political discussions, discussions about issues of governance, information distribution to the people and to PREVENT any one voice from dominating and silencing all others.  It is safeguard for freedom, NOT A SYSTEM to facilitate the commission of crimes, especially crimes against children! 


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