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Tolerance is good, just and should be universal, but NO One has the right to be accepted – forced acceptance is tyranny!

Posted by mrfixit on December 9, 2010

The Gay rights movement has largely achieved tolerance.  They are in almost all entertainment, all over the news and have significant political power and this for a population of likely less than 5% of the total.

Well, why are they now pushing to force acceptance?  Acceptance is forced upon us by the power of government from state endorsed Gay Marriage, force used to make private individual citizens and institutions incapable of morally objecting to homosexual behavior.

Here we have pressure mounting to FORCE a Christian school to re-hire a gay coach.  Well, that would corrupt the teaching of Christianity, but those using this force do not acknowledge the right of the Christian school to set such standards!


This is also true in the efforts to force the military to accept open homosexual service.  This will lead, as it has in Canada and other places, to a ban on the Chaplains from speaking about the portions of their religion that condemn homosexual behavior.  It is an effort to FORCE acceptance upon others – an effort to FORCE you to believe in equivalence of the homosexual lifestyle and behavior.

Forced acceptance IS tyranny.  We should fight efforts like this, if they come from the overzealous religious types bent on forcing religion by law, just as we should fight the efforts of homosexuals to do the same thing with THEIR belief system.

Forced acceptance never works anyway.  Not only does it create victims in the wake of its futile implementation, it also actually builds a deep resentment and anger at the very beliefs being forced upon the unwilling.

I can say this as an observer of history, the efforts to force acceptance of homosexual behavior will not only backfire in a massive way they will also erode the progress that has gained current widespread tolerance.   They are harming their own cause and they do not even know it!

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MORE (22 Mar 2011):

So in California, a state that despite its liberal left tendencies has TWICE by direct voter action denied the Homosexual attempt to force acceptance by legally recognized equality of Gay and Heterosexual Marriage, well now they want specific curriculum and FORCED teaching to promote their specific sexual choices.  Yep, it is really that bad.


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