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700 pound woman might die because no LICENSED MRI is available that will accommodate her size

Posted by mrfixit on December 9, 2010

What is the real lesson we can learn from this story?


Ok, the first gut reaction many will have is HOW can she keep eating so much and let this happen?

Well, avoid that reaction for now; clearly it is an easy and maybe lazy way to look at this.

There are some other lessons to learn here that are MORE powerful.

First, she has a loving husband that is not giving up on her, that is very positive, and I’d hope more people can learn to be so committed, in sickness and in health, as it was meant to be.

Next, The Zoo, which HAS a large enough machine won’t do the procedure on the account of licensing!   Think about that for a minute.  She might die, regardless of what you think about the 700lb condition, wouldn’t such a life and death situation warrant a license exception?  Are we now so stuck on regulations and controls that there is no flexibility to make exceptions when they make sense?

Now, as far as the weight condition goes, it is a display of lack of discipline.  It is lack of self control that allows one to so over eat and get this way, but DO NOT throw stones on that alone.

We ALL have issues with lack of discipline and self control.  Perhaps yours is not eating, maybe it is vanity, maybe it is narcissism, self focus, sex addiction, drug addiction, sloth, you name it, and the list can go on for pages.  The point is in our flawed condition, we all have unique ways of showing our weakness, and while this case is plain to see, because the weakness is overeating, your weakness is no less or more a problem, it may just not be on bold display for all to see, but none the less it is a problem.

The correct answer to this case is pity and prayer.  We should hope she finds a way to control her weight and to live through this time of peril. 

To cast stones and to look upon her with callus and cold attitude is NOT the correct answer, and it is more a reflection upon those who have such attitudes than this woman’s lack of self control and discipline.


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