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WIKILEAKS: It is a Trap, and our politicians on both sides are falling for it, hook line and sinker!

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

We are playing right into their hands!  The WikiLeaks fool is a sacrificial anode!  Don’t fall for the trap!  Who REALLY leaked the information? Don’t buy the ridiculous story of the Gay PFC Bradley Manning.  That one is so absurd, that anyone would buy it is really scary.

WHO REALLY orchestrated this?  Who is paving the way, providing the resources and network for this WikiLeaks guy?  It is NOT him that is the real threat, it is those that are building and funding that network, and that network has Open Society Institute, Leftists radicals and George Soros ALL OVER it.  Look there and focus anger and efforts there if you really want to stop this destruction.  While at it, you will no doubt find many a deeply infiltrated left wing radical progressive INSIDE the US Government, with access and clearances at many levels, all the way to the top, even IN THE White House!

Don’t fall for the trap and the distraction set before us.  To go after WikiLeaks is to ACCEPT the notion of silencing free speech and controlling free flow of information.  It plays right into the hand of the progressive tyrannical, control freaks like George Soros.


Senator Liebermann proposes investigating the media for crimes for dong their JOB!

This man is a disgrace.  He actually thinks we should crush a free press!  Don’t get me wrong, I despised the NY Times and there publishing of leaks that destroyed successful financial tracking of terrorist organizations, but I DO NOT think we should start down the road of silencing free speech!  Perhaps we should be finding the CRIMINALS that LEAKED the information OUT of the Government!!!

Not only this, Liebermann a man with NO CLUE somehow thinks he is helping the troops by forcing OPEN homosexuals into their shared barracks, berthing and showers!  What a despicable, worthless….   (Deep breath here).  Sometimes I really want to just punch such fools, but that is not helpful.  What we need to do is STOP electing these ignoramuses to office!!  But I seriously worry the infiltration and corruption of our very elections system is so rampant it is fading away as an option.  CT in particular had some very suspect “coincidences” in the last election.  Real coincidences are very rare…


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Ron Paul is a little out there, but some of his questions are similar to those I have brought up as well…


As expected, targeting WikiLeaks is futile!  More WikiLeaks will spawn, here is one, and this one is going to use a more fragmented, cellular structure to operate.

The problem is the LEAKERS, not the publishers.  Why do we not hear more about the investigation into the source of these leaks?


I can assume the leakers are more than PFC Manning, and they have a clear agenda that happens to coincide with many of those IN this Administration, so it is not much of a stretch to think some high level folks were involved here.


3 Responses to “WIKILEAKS: It is a Trap, and our politicians on both sides are falling for it, hook line and sinker!”

  1. Dave D. said

    One only needs to look to Alaska to see corruption in election. Of course we all can remember the Rossi/Queen corrupted elections.

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