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Use of “protecting the children” is not a new method to silence the opposition

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

Use of Children to control parent is not new, this is EXACTLY how the NAZIS did it, it was all for the children.

This account should send a chill down your spine.  No doubt if I continue to exercise free speech they will at some point try this line against me and anyone else who is actually informed and educated to their plans.

No, I don’t think it is a massive conspiracy, I don’t think the Child Services people even fully understand that they are pawns in this game, useful idiots not even aware of the bigger picture.


RECALL The DHS report that ignored the real terrorists, but suggested that veterans and those with Ron Paul bumpers stickers and that talked about the Constitution might be threats, then see how that affirms the account of this woman.


 Look, even if this account is a hoax, do you doubt there are those willing to use the levers of government power to do this?  If you do, you need to inform yourself, this has happened and will happen as long as flawed humans inhabit the earth.  Mankind’s normal state is in the bondage of servitude and slavery to elite masters, all throughout history!  The anomaly of the USA is an exception, but even here forces are acting to end our experiment in liberty, make no mistake about it.

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2 Responses to “Use of “protecting the children” is not a new method to silence the opposition”

  1. Dave D. said

    And to add to this, a CNN reporter was put on the “Watch List” because he criticized the TSA. So, ordinary citizens get put on a watch list while Homeland Security ignores those who would bring harm to our nation and it’s citizens.


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