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The Myth of “American Made”: The Boeing Tanker contract debacle

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

Well it seems there is a raging and ongoing debate over which company will get the new Air Force tanker contract, and this is round three!

Round 1, Boeing wins, but it is later learned this came by unfair nefarious means

Round 2, The EADS/NG bid wins, but massive union/Democrat political pressure kills the decision and opens round 3.

Now, near the end of round 3, it again looks like the decision of round two made sense:


This should be no surprise.  The Boeing airframe is based on a soon to be out of production, antiquated 767 airframe.

The A330 is more modern, more capable and will be in production as a passenger plane for years to come.  This is a huge distinction and weighs heavily on the cost of production and maintenance over the life of the plane.  Out of production parts can be astronomically expensive; the in production A330 has a huge advantage here and in many areas.  I could go on and on with other data on this, and I did for a time work directly in aerospace manufacturing and repairs, oh, and that US company made many, many parts for Airbus!  Yes, to them we were high quality, low cost production!

Now some are crying about the supposed American made plane myth, well look at how the 787 is made.  Entire sections are made overseas, parts are sourced INTERNATIONALLY and it is assembled in the US.  How is that different from an A330 that will also be assembled in the US, but actually bringing in an entire new production plant that will produce both the tankers and passenger planes.  The Airbus folks are very eager to open a plant in lower cost and more productive USA, but we are missing that point?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but the WA State Democrats and the unions are going to have some embarrassment if Boeing losses this, but will their supporters ever wise up and realize it was a deception all along?  Not likely.  Even the other product lines of Boeing are shifting away from the toxic labor market in Washington State, thanks to Union/Democrat destruction.  They will not get it until the destruction is complete, just like Michigan, the unions will not stop until they destroy themselves.


BOTH Boeing and Airbus are receiving special support from GOVERNMENT, they BOTH are in on this game!



 How did Boeing win?

 Even the politicians long fighting FOR Boeing were caught by surprise…

 Yes it caught anyone who knows that a more expensive, more outdated, less capable plane would somehow win over any objective competitive bid.

Rep. Inslee (D) sends out e-mail with wrong subject line, subject assuming Boeing lost “saying decision will not stand”:


It is important to recall the last bid that Boeing LOST:


As one who was inside the aerospace industry for a time, I can tell you that the fact I was making one off spare parts at GREAT cost for 767 based planes, even a 767 tanker (for Japan) is very telling that the 767 based plane is based upon outdated and inferior technology, not to mention the overall loss to the nation of a NEW complete airplane manufacturing plant that was to build not just the tankers but also commercial passenger planes.  Contrast that with Boeing’s largely foreign-made 787 which has entire sections brought in from overseas production facilities to be assembled in WA state! 

The Reality is the US Taxpayer and the US Air Force lost, but the Union Bosses and Washington Progressive Democrat politicians won.


Let us not forget, “experts” thought for sure Boeing would lose, even some prominent politicians were preparing for a Boeing loss…


Oh and here is one, Senator Cantwell saying:

“On paper, she says, the EADS tanker, which is based on an Airbus plane, looks less expensive.”



 Ah ha, now we know, I found this headline on a Boeing news site:

 “Boeing labor union credits Obama for Air Force tanker win 26 Feb 2011 11:22 GMT”


It is all about UNION power, taxpayers and the Air Force mission really are taking a back seat, as long as the Union can continue its radical stranglehold and lucrative FORCED dues money flowing to fund and control the Democrat party which protects this arraignment at the expense of YOU the taxpayer…

Even better, Politico cites a UNION official that said this:

“Asked why he was praising the president when the White House has pledged to stay out of the Pentagon procurement process, Michalski said he’s not naïve.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/50225.html#ixzz1F6DSGnoY

So either the Union boss is lying, or Obama is a liar, and since it seems lying is merely a frequently used tactic for both sides on this, you are left with the possibility they are BOTH lying…  but the facts suggest there were clear political calculations that drove this decision, especially since there is a long history on this that included sending some corrupt people to prison on the first Boeing ”win”…



4 Responses to “The Myth of “American Made”: The Boeing Tanker contract debacle”

  1. Dave D. said

    One only has to look at the history of the Boeing Dreamliner. Delay after delay after delay. If Boeing was to get this contract what decade could it be expected to be operational in? By that time it would be obsolete.

    • mrfixit said

      Actually they make the 767 based plane for foreign sales now, but it is obsolete compared to the A330 airframe right now, which is why if they don’t get the contract that assembly line will be shut down, there are not enough orders to sustain it and the 767 is out of production as a passenger plane.

      • Dave D. said

        Thanks for correcting me. I remember now how Patty Murray pushed the 767 exactly for this reason. Boeing didn’t have to perform much design work since they were just going to modify the 767.

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