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Ronald Reagan bombed Libya and destroyed their Navy. Now we play cover and protect of Libya’s dictator!

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

Why are we keeping this from the public?  Why are we protecting a dictator who suppresses the individual rights of his people and does not honor his international obligations?


This story is an example of some of the GOOD that has come from WikiLeaks.  We SHOULD know this!  We the PEOPLE need to know when other nation’s are a threat to us.  Negotiating with evil and compromise with evil, always allows evil to win!

Where is Reagan when you need him?  It is time again to send some bombers over there to decimate this dangerous madman’s tent.  No more negotiations with evil, destroy and fight evil whenever it is found. 

I’m confident a President Sarah Palin would know what to do when dealing with these thugs!


MORE (20 Mar 11):

Who restarted Military aid to Libya?  Obama!


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