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Expect the Financial Meltdown within the next 2 years…

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

It could start next year, but this analyst from China, looking from the outside, I think sees it pretty clear.  Once the turmoil in Europe is stabilized, the focus will turn to US financial chaos, but NO ONE will bail us out, and that is why many countries are already moving away from the US Dollar, including China.


Folks, if you have not come to accept this by now, and started to brace for impact, it is not too late to prepare, but do it NOW.

The world is moving away from the US currency reserves, and it is happening NOW:


This is also why the price of oil is going up and is at record highs and not slowing down!  It is not that the oil is in less supply, or higher demand, it is the declining dollar that is driving the price UP!!!

Our leaders are lying to you, they are protecting themselves while telling you it is all OK, and they know it is not. That is why the big money IS buying commodities and precious metals.  They know the reckoning is coming and paper money and assets tied to paper money is about to become near worthless.

Don’t be caught up in this, do what you can to prepare, you’ll not regret it later.  More than that, you’ll want to do extra.  Many good people still do not get it; they are going to be desperate and will need help.  You want to be able to protect as much as you can, even help others when times get tough and they will.

If I’m wrong, well you won’t lose anything, you’ll still be better prepared and more independent.  The only way you lose big is if you ignore the warning signs and refuse to acknowledge the path of destruction we are on, and that there is no way back without a major correction, and that WILL involve a currency correction of massive proportions.

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Oil going up, because dollar is going down:



Buried in this story:

“Given the swiftness and magnitude of the sell-off, analysts were reluctant to predict where the market would bottom.“



Ever growing deficit, this is ON PURPOSE and it is to BREAK the system.  Brace for the consequences of this reckless intentional action to collapse our capitalist (freedom) based economic “system”:





China bets on Europe, while getting distance from the US, where does this go, well it is not good, but if Europe implodes they may well have made a poor bet…




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