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Did you hear about Reparations for Slavery? Well we are paying them – To potted plant “farmers” from a Lawsuit against the US Taxpayer!

Posted by mrfixit on December 8, 2010

Yes, I know it I may seem outrageous, so much so you’d be hesitant to believe it.  But a very courageous and honorable black farmer came forward and revealed the efforts to sell this scam against the taxpayer as far and as wide as possible.   Pray for this man’s safety, the people out there orchestrating this kind of fraud are dangerous and violent indeed.  What he did with this interview is very dangerous to their cause of destroying this nation by collapse of the economic system.



It is deadly apparently:


Maybe a campaign payoff funded by the US TAXPAYER:


An insider speaks out:



Obama pushed to get US in on UN scheme of redistribution of wealth for “native peoples”.


I’m a Native American too I was born here, been a US Citizen, paying taxes all my life, but I don’t get any special rights, same as the vast majority of Americans?  This is RACIST, plain and simple.  So what does that mean for the people that support it? 

Speaking of Racism, a candidate for Mayor in Chicago openly makes racist POLICY views know in an interview!





One Response to “Did you hear about Reparations for Slavery? Well we are paying them – To potted plant “farmers” from a Lawsuit against the US Taxpayer!”

  1. Dave D. said

    Just goes to show that the “can’t be found in the Constitution, separation of church and state”, doesn’t apply to liberals. In this case, as the video shows, the lawyer would go into churches and convince the parishoners to file for this reparation. It started with 97 farmers and has now ballooned to 93,000 people with potted plants.

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