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“Crisis” of opportunity is used to create or expand a tyranny – WHY?

Posted by mrfixit on December 7, 2010

DHS is expanding, even into Walmart!


So, is this really about security? Did the program produce actual results to date?  If so, why not advertise the success to make the expansion easier?

It is likely just like the TSA airport naked scanning and sexual assault, it has not produced ANY results against terrorists, whoops, it is not supposed to be “those responsible for man caused disasters”  terrorist apparently is too harsh a term for these poor desperate people.  We don’t want to offend you know…


Well, how about war games that factor in US Economic collapse and the use of the US Military to control an agitated US population?  


Well, this is not just this program, there are other efforts taking place.  Here in Washington State, we have a new ad campaign to turn in your neighbors if they don’t have the proper license or might be suspected of not paying taxes for employees!  I’m not advocating for law breaking, but having people investigated by anonymous tips is very dangerous.  Often the mere suspicion is viewed as a permanent negative, even if completely innocent.

This kind of environment is perfect to suppress free citizens and turn us into centralized power mad society where the citizens become mere servants of the state, living in constant fear of being crushed by the massive power and reach of an every powerful government machine.

The ads are very ominous, in essence it is trying to turn the public into tax enforcers for the government. 





Or how about this: A man doing 7 years in prison for having UNLOADED, LOCKED, legally owned firearms in the trunk of his car, and with ZERO prior criminal record!


Wake up, Wake up, it may not be a free country anymore; perhaps it has been gone for some time.  Now it is time to push back and restore the foundation of FREEDOM that made this nation strong, prosperous and enduring.  If we don’t restore it, it is a long deep dive into decline that will become the reality for the rest of our lives.



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