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Are we still a Free Country?

Posted by mrfixit on December 6, 2010

What is freedom?  Is it freedom of movement?  Well if so, how about that TSA?


Is it economic freedom?  Well how about that “progressive” income tax, every rising property taxes, fuel and energy taxes, phone and communications fees and taxes, on and on, and I  could fill pages with taxes and fees that have been bogging down our myth of economic freedom.

You don’t really have freedom now, you are permitted subsistence in your economic circumstances, and if you start to make too much, they take it away.  Try to pass your life savings to your family, they take it away.  You don’t have true economic freedom, it is already an illusion.


Is freedom free speech?  Well, speak out against the TSA rules and get placed on a special list for harassment anytime you try to travel.  Speak out against the powers and government or the media and it won’t be long until direct and indirect pressure is brought to bear upon you to force you in to compliance and silence.  Look, I don’t like the WikiLeaks guy at al, I think he is irresponsible, but he is passing on some information that we knew, instinctively that was made classified by our government.  He is exposing some serious corruption, and for it he is the enemy number #1 and all of a sudden he has charges of some sex crimes, how convenient.  Well, he is merely the designated fall guy, but think of what this does to chill free speech.  Think of what this does to give justification to government to clamp down and limit YOUR free speech. 


It is already a myth that you still have it, look at the relentless attempts to shut down Fox News and Glenn Beck, now where are the similar attempts to silence or shut down MSNBC or the Huffington Post?  They don’t exist.  Speak against the party line and they will do all they can to crush you.  That is what we see, and we have it now.  How much longer will Fox and Beck last?  When the right “emergency” comes they will be turned off, but the truth will live on, even if forced underground.

So, do you have a free country? – No, but we still have a country that has a foundation that if RESTORED can become a free country again.  All we need are the right leaders and citizens that will honor and follow the Constitution, and understand and RESPECT the wisdom of the Declaration of Independence that started it all.  We had brilliant founders, but we have drifted into tyranny.  

It is time to wake up and again: “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.”



Forced to change your beliefs or to suppress them and never let then guide you?



The stats in this speak for themselves.  We have a cabal of elitist progressives that are hell bent on pushing their agenda, no matter how much the American citizen opposes.  This is not a government of the People at this point, it need to become one again, and fast!



4 Responses to “Are we still a Free Country?”

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