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WIKILEAKS: It is all about the Justification to control and Sensor Free Speech!

Posted by mrfixit on December 3, 2010

In my prior post I discussed this is not about what it appears, it is not about the Wikileaks guy or even the leaker.  They are both mere pawns in a much larger agenda.


I’m not alone, here is a story about another, who like Senator McCain is saying something is really wrong in the story we are being told:


What agenda might that be?  Well, the progressive, international one world government by the elites crowd has been working largely in the dark, out of sight and largely ignored when they carry out their plans of fundamental transformation.  This always requires a real crisis, followed by a plan for salvation, a plan that erodes and destroys the sovereign state and replaces it with a more international form of government, controlled by the elites of course. 

It is what is going on in Europe right now.  The bailed out nations are forced to cease having any real control over their destiny and they  become controlled and owned by international organizations or the intermediary step child, the EU.


Well, now that this plan has been exposed, most notably by Glenn Beck, they have to accelerate the plans and more importantly they have to use the right crisis to give the justification to control free speech and free flow of information.  They can’t work their plans in the daylight, people only give up their freedom and quality of life when deceived or unaware of what is going on around them.

They have gone this far as the masses enjoyed the ignorant bliss and the distractions of the court jesters of an ever more deranged entertainment culture.  Hollywood and its morally bankrupt productions have served the purpose quite well.

 To give you an example of censorship and perhaps a new version of a Gestapo, this from guidance that was distributed to DoD employees:

1.  Wikileaks might have information that remains classified.  Don’t access the site.

 2.  The site is NOT blocked on DoD systems, but if you try to access the site, it will be monitored

 Further, employees are also directed to not confirm or deny any information if asked about the leaked material, in other words don’t discuss the news events in the media!

And the Air Force version has now been posted online:


So, they won’t block the site, they do one better, they will monitor anyone who attempts to access the site, and then what do you think might happen?  They are also asking you to not even comment on any information now being discussed in the news!

I certainly understand, and FULLY support the need to control and prevent the spread of classified information, but would it not be better to just block the access on the government networks and leave it at that?  To leave it open then monitor those who might seek access – that is chilling.  Perhaps it is useful, we certainly need to stop the hemorrhage of information, but it inevitably chills any potential whistleblower who might be witness to genuine corruption or illegal activity, what other sites might they start to monitor, like say Fox News or the Drudge Report.    

Could this then expand to monitoring of what you access at home, and then collection of that data and its possible use against you at some point?  Make no mistake there ARE people out there ready willing and able to impose their views upon you, and to silence any opposing views, even round you up and put you into re-education camps.  These elites think it is all for the greater good, and they can justify the most horrific use of force to reach their impossible utopia.

I feel the whole Wikileaks thing is an engineered scandal, it was created to force the governments of the world to clamp down on free flow of information and free speech and it is happening, and many are following in lock-step to support this effort.  NO! We should not waste our efforts on the designated sacrificial anodes in this case, we should find out who the puppet master pulling the strings really is, and I’m betting Soros is in there somewhere, and we then should focus our anger and efforts on the REAL culprit, not the designated fall guys.


(Read the 3rd comment on this one, it hits the point better that I could, it is chilling)

In any case, it is not Wikileaks fault they received the information, it is our incompetent system of security that would permit an open homosexual, flaunting the policy that should have prevented his continued service, that system is the root cause here (assuming that is what REALLY happened).  We have gaping holes in our system for retention of classified, and that is what needs correction.  Can you recall the mass attempts to silence the New York Times when they published a story with classified information on how the US was tracking the terrorists by their financial transactions?  No, you can’t! It did not happen… but now they want this Wikilieaks guys head on a platter!  It is all a show, a deception of massive proportions. Don’t be fooled.


More Data:


FCC Moves to regulate the internet, without congressional approval, and despite court rulings that suggest it has not authority in this medium.


They can track you without a court order of warrant, and they are doing it!:


Speak out and report about TSA abuse and get put on a “terrorist” watch list!?  Yep, that is the king of corrupt system we know “enjoy”.


Was this part of the plan with this effort, it seemed to target the Secretary of State for specific embarrassment:


DoD official party line, and this “probe” started months ago seems to not have been very effective to date, as the damage continues.



More reasons to doubt the official story:


The NY Times picked up on this, in part:


Even many “Republicans” are falling into the trap, it is not about WikiLeaks!  It is about the agenda it supports!  Attacking WikiLeaks is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.  We really need to take our the shooter, and that is those who engineered and orchestrated this even, I do not buy the line it was a PFC and some Aussie founder of this WikiLeaks that acted alone.  NO WAY.  Let’s focus on those whose agenda is being served and look into stopping them:  George Soros comes to mind, and his progressive one world henchmen.  Let us STOP THE SHOOTER.





Agenda of Soros, Confirmed!  This IS his exact agenda, and they are falling in-line as planed:



The charges are bizarre, don’t tell me bail was denied for failure to us a condom!  This is OBVIOUSLY an attempt to SILENCE free speech, not that I think HIS speech was responsible, but I do not believe the ridiculous story of the lone PFC that leaked all of this.  This is intentional, and targeted.  There is someone MUCH bigger than PFC Manning in all of this:


So the WikiLeaks is a sleaze, like Bill Clinton, but for some reason we now care and it was not important when Bill did it?  When did the British press become more free and open than ours?  Where are the US papers reporting this stuff?

This from one of the accusers own websites:

” Entitled ‘7 Steps to Legal Revenge’, it explains how women can use courts to get their own back on unfaithful lovers.

Step 7 says: ‘Go to it and keep your goal in sight. Make sure your victim suffers just as you did.’ (The highlighting of text is Sarah’s own.)”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336291/Wikileaks-Julian-Assanges-2-night-stands-spark-worldwide-hunt.html#ixzz17STPppEC

A guy that gets it, WIKILEAKS is not the real threat, our own leadership is the threat by either incompetence or intentional actions aimed at a goal of fundamental change of our system.


But, while not concerned about damage to the US military he is INFLICTING damage with the proposed OPEN homosexual service in the military, that is real damage.


But WAIT, why SHOULD it be kept secret that Libya threatened the UK to free a convicted terrorist and that the UK complied and released said terrorist?  The public SHOULD know this!



Like him or hate him, Julian Assange is only the messenger.  We need to figure out the network that facilitated this release of information!

This is a sham:


Now we have censoring of information, including major media sources like the NY Times!  Yes this is only a start folks.  They will be pushing for much more than this:



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