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MASSIVE MEDIA BIAS! 2010 Troop casualties near the COMBINED total for 2001-2008 and we have heard almost nothing!

Posted by mrfixit on December 3, 2010

Ok, so when GW Bush is in office the media breathlessly and almost constantly reminded us of each and every causality in our on-going wars, we heard an almost constant tabulation of the body count, as if they really cared about the loss.

Well, in the past 2 years is seems they don’t care much anymore….  I wonder why!?

Well obviously they are protecting their chosen one.  This is about pushing their agenda!  They never cared about the troops. 

Now, that the situation is now WORSE, wouldn’t it be appropriate to ask WHY?  Could it be our projection of weakness and constant apologies, bowing to foreign leaders of all kinds, blaming OURSELVES for everything, and TELLING the enemy of a withdrawal date and timeline!

Do I even need to mention our attempts to negotiate peace with the Taliban, and as it turns out a FAKE Taliban leader at that, who scammed us out of millions!


Could it be that we have imposed near suicidal rules of engagement upon our troops, rules that led to the replacement of a top General, who could no longer fool his troops to accept any logic to these rules?



Could it be that it is worse because we have shown weakness and emboldened our enemy?  I think it is an obvious yes!

Well here is the data:


The media is mostly silent on this… Did you know about it before this post?

More on what makes the casualties rates so high: Catch and release of the bad guys!



Media still yawns, no concern over dying US troops as long as Obama is sending them to death, now if this were Bush I’m sure you’d be hearing about it non-stop…



3 Responses to “MASSIVE MEDIA BIAS! 2010 Troop casualties near the COMBINED total for 2001-2008 and we have heard almost nothing!”

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