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The Obama Debt Commission Scam

Posted by mrfixit on December 2, 2010

As we hear about the recommendation of this supposedly bipartisan commission set up to provide recommendation to control spending and cut the deficit we are not hearing anything that deals with the most important cure: ECONOMIC GROWTH. 

It is true we need to get spending under control, and some tough choices need to be made, some programs at the Federal Level need to be eliminated entirely, many don’t even have a legitimate constitutional mandate anyway.

It is also true we need to pay down the debt.

BUT, if you only do things on these two fronts you will only expedite the collapse and make the problem worse!

The reason, you have to ALSO promote economic activity and growth.  It is by an active growing economy that you can derive the needed funding to pay the debt, and to better control spending by increasing overall revenue by GROWTH.

So why are they not proposing action to spur growth?  – Simple, it is not about recovery, or restoration.  This entire scam is a front to foist upon us a system of less freedom and more centralized control by the so called “expert” elite. 

True economic growth occurs by enhanced freedom in the markets, more certainty, less risk, removal of burdensome and pointless regulations and controls, and most importantly lower tax rates.  The reason they don’t like this is simply that it is somewhat difficult to control.  So faced with either less controlled growth or more controlled decline, the elite “control freak” so called “experts” always choose control. 

That is what is really going on here, make no mistake about it.

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