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End DADT? What are the real statistics telling us? DoD study shows sexual assault is committed at rate of 3-4 times MORE by homosexuals than heterosexuals!

Posted by mrfixit on December 2, 2010

Why would this not be considered relevant?

The DoD has been trying to reduce sexual assaults, but they have had little success, it seems the rates are still going UP, but if you look at the internal data, it suggests that as in the population at large, homosexuals are about 3 to 4 times more likely to commit sexual assault, and that is only from those willing to report the crimes!  This kind of crime is very under reported almost 78% of victims choose to not report!!!

 Here is a summary of the report:


Official Website with all the data and resources:


Full report:


 Previous Post on DADT:


More internals:

(pages 74 to 82)

11% of victims are male, and that is up by almost 50% from 5% only 3 years ago…

2% of perpetrators are female, and oddly they just don’t know for about 11%, but 87% are Male, meaning the majority (surprise) of Male victims are of Male perpetrators!


5 Responses to “End DADT? What are the real statistics telling us? DoD study shows sexual assault is committed at rate of 3-4 times MORE by homosexuals than heterosexuals!”

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