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Complaints about former President G.W. Bush: He fails when it matters most. He is NO George Washington

Posted by mrfixit on December 2, 2010

First of all, I was a supporter.   I gave more to GW Bush than any other single politician, ever, and I would do it again.  Considering the alternatives, he was the clear choice that stood out.  Gore and Kerry would have brought us the destruction we now see with Obama, but years earlier.

In a prior post about enemies, I make the point that our enemies will tell us who they fear the most, but who they attack the most fiercely, and without a doubt, they hated GW Bush and attacked him relentlessly.


So, what is my complaint?  Well it is this:  GW Bush is now content to fade into obscurity at a time when the nation needs bold courageous leadership to change course to be restored.  Our very freedoms, our Constitution is under attack, but he is content to ride it out on his 1600 acre ranch in Texas. 

Well, If I had his wealth and a 1600 acre ranch, perhaps I’d be tempted to do the same, but this leaves all those who DON’T have that security in jeopardy.  The many of us who supported him, and many who work, pay taxes and are invested in their small part of the American dream, we are all at grave risk.   Our standard of living is at risk.  He is content.

I have a serious problem with this.  If George Washington, after fighting a very hard war for independence, then wishing to return to HIS farm and be left alone, IF he had decided to fade and leave the scene, would we have ever formed the Constitution, or would the deep divisions that were growing between the States caused a collapse and failure of the Declaration’s promise.  It is clear that likely would have happened, but George Washington made the sacrifice, and did not back down, not because he had such ambitions, but because he felt obligated to lead when he knew it was needed.  He felt an obligation to the ENTIRE nation, and to future generations to come. 

It seems our modern George, like many of us, is content only with his protecting personal situation, he’ll stay out of the public eye, fade away and do little if anything to prevent our collapse

Well, maybe his inability or unwillingness to challenge and destroy his slanderous critics, which eventually led to his very low approval ratings, his adoption of the TARP disaster, his statement about saving the free market by suspending it, such things might make it better for him to fade away.  Perhaps he has had his image tarnished so much that his ability to help is just not significant anyway, but I doubt it.

He could come out and say he was deceived, that TARP was a mistake!  He could come out and say the 2007 Pelosi Congress sent him bills that were disastrous, and that he in retrospect should have vetoed them.  There is much he could DO, but he does not.

To make matters worse, Barbara Bush, and Jeb Bush come out from nowhere to attack Sarah Palin!

Like her or not, at least Sarah Palin is NOT backing down from her stage, her ability to influence and lead, her part is trying to STOP the destruction of this nation.  She IS working to restore this nation, and because she is not of the elite pedigree of Yale, Harvard and such, the Bush family thinks she should just stay in Alaska!

Well, sorry, my long deep respect for the Bush family took a huge hit on this one.  I had Christmas dinner once at Camp David with GHW Bush as president.  Barbara Bush was very sincere and appreciative of the White House staff, even having them join in the private, informal family dinner.  My father was there.  I do think they are genuinely good people, but like all of us: not perfect.

It seems the many years in the elite circles has taken its toll, perhaps the care for the staff was genuine, but now I have to wonder if it was not also somewhat patronizing.  The attitude shown Sarah Palin is certainly so, if a former non-Yale, non-Harvard staffer was to rise to political prominence, perhaps they’d also get the Sarah Palin treatment.

It seems the elitist, we are the “experts” that need to play Mom and Dad to the little people attitude is pretty intoxicating.  No doubt the intentions are good, but it is the implementation that destroys it all.

Freedom, true freedom is not organized.  If people can rise and fall based on the MERIT of their efforts, the results the genuine performance, then we are much better off.  The notion of the promotion of an elite class by birth status, or attendance at an elite institution of supposed learning, inclusion in some network of so called “experts” and elitist snobs cannot be the criteria that really matters.  This because many of these supposedly smart people are so indoctrinated with “facts” that are just not so.  Ronald Reagan made this point very well, and he was NOT one of this club, and for that they really did not like him either, and many in his own party!

So in summary, GW Bush did many things right, but he is now squandering the opportunity to help restore this nation, and he is not even helpful to those like Sarah Palin who are trying to take up the slack.

I got the charter member card for his Presidential library, with the invite to send $50 to be listed in the building, or some such thing.  Sorry, it is of no use to me.  I care not about being listed in such a place, built to honor a man that stood by mostly silent as his nation was destroyed from within.  Sorry, he has little respect left from me. 

One more example, I have spent much time in composing this blog, with its fairly tiny audience, I’m attempting to wake people up, inform them, allow them to be somewhat protected, but also arm them with facts needed to restore this nation’s promise.  Image how much more powerful and effective such a simple effort would be if it was supported, or endorsed by someone of the fame and resources of a former President?  Sure I know, he thinks former President should not follow the shameful model of Jimmy Carter, but to what end?  Does his oath of office have an end?  Does he not feel obligated to defend against our DOMESTIC enemies?  Or has he just succumbed to the elitist pressure to stay ABOVE the fray and let us little people fight it out?  Think about that for a minute.

One Response to “Complaints about former President G.W. Bush: He fails when it matters most. He is NO George Washington”

  1. Dave D. said

    I am in total agreement with this summation.

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