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Something is not what it appears in the WikiLeaks Scandal: It just happens to fit perfectly into the agenda of Soros

Posted by mrfixit on December 1, 2010

Alright, by now you have heard the outrage the calls to do something to stop this WikiLeaks guy, to arrest him charge him, even take him out.  I have heard it all, but he is not the mastermind, and he is not even a US Citizen, so what is with some of the calls to charge him with Treason?

Now, the supposed leaker, this PFC Manning, he no doubt did commit treason and is due justice, but I’m noticing the absence of coverage on him and who he is and WHY he did it? 

Remember all the apologists for the terrorist trying to rationalize WHY they attack us?  Why are they not asking WHY the PFC Manning would betray his country?

Well, I think I know, it would not be PC, again PC rears its ugly head.  PC could be the censorship of actual truth in favor of convenient lies.  Well, PFC Manning was a disgruntled homosexual, upset with a broken relationship, AND the continuance of the DADT policy, and THAT IS WHY he is largely ignored.


And then there is this: “Pfc. Manning believed in the theory of evolution, for example, and was intolerant of those who disputed it due to traditional religious views, associates said.“

“Pfc. Manning was demoted from specialist to private first class while in Iraq for an incident unrelated to the leak, a defense official said.“


And if you want real hard hitting reporting on this guy, this one does it:


And this takes the cake, it is YOUR fault!  He was teased because he was gay, and that made him do it, and somehow this means we much repeal DADT?  (Like that is going to help?)


OK, so back to the WikiLeaks.  What have we learned that we did not know, or strongly suspect?  Not much, if anything.

What is the effect of the leaks?  Well, I’d say it is pretty certain that any trust foreign leader might have had in the confidentiality of the communications with the US is destroyed.   I’d say it makes our entire system of diplomacy look to be a farce, and certainly it makes any chance for a Hillary comeback look bleak.

So, is it any accident that this fits perfectly into the plans of Soros?  He wants an end to US dominance in the world.  The USA, according to him , is the problem, it is the obstacle to the system of global government that Soros has dedicated his life trying to create.  This destruction of US ability to conduct diplomacy and the erosion of trust is a PERFECT fit to catalyze the downfall of the USA and its ability to be a global leader.



Previous post about Soros and his treason:


Now on the surface we see this as embarrassment for Obama and even Hillary, but are they truly outraged, or is that all for show as well?   It was Obama that declared a decline of the US, and it was him that spoke before the UN and told the world that we must now treat all nations as equals, which means any US moral superiority must be destroyed.  He basically declared the outcome of this massive leak was in essence the new plan for “global governance”

Here is a quote from the Obama UN Speech: “No one nation can or should try to dominate another nation. No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed.”

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/24/us/politics/24prexy.text.html?pagewanted=3&_r=1

That means the “world order” must humble and bring the USA down so we are no longer elevated!  This leak DOES EXACTLY THAT!  At what point will we learn to identify our domestic enemies?

Add to that the need for a crisis, a national emergency to permit the clamp down of the free flow of information, particularly on the internet and you now can see this Wikileaks is that perfect fit.  The progressives are working overtime to SILENCE the opposition.  They are working on Net Neutrality, which is really internet censorship and control.  They have Google on board to assist in this effort, and all of a sudden we have a national emergency, a crisis of very damaging classified information dumped on the internet  and now there are calls for more controls of the net!  Another perfect fit.

My prior (growing) post on Google:


Blatant attacks and attempts to silence free speech and critics:



FCC moves to control the internet by regulation, bypassing congress:


I don’t like the Wikileaks guy, but he is the designated fall guy.  I want to know who is behind the façade that pulls his strings, I’d like to know who is pulling PFC Manning’s strings.  I want those who set this up held to account, not just the designated fall guys sent out as sacrificial lambs for the cause.



I did hear something last night from Senator McCain, who I have little remaining respect or trust, but he said something I think is important.  He, like me, just does not believe it is possible that a single PFC soldier would have had the organization, access and knowledge to be the sole person responsible for this massive amount of information to be leaked. 

There is more to this story than the template that is being followed by the willing accomplice media, even Fox, with exception of Glen Beck, seems mesmerized by the Wikileaks guy as the focus of our rage, and the façade of the victim of Hillary and Obama in all this.

IF Hillary is really damaged, it is because they see her as a threat to their agenda, but not because she is not also part of it, because they think she is a threat to their larger agenda and their chosen man who is now being FORCED to do what they want (actually I think that is all for show, he is doing it because he agrees, the are creating the show to give him cover to doing it).

They are not afraid to throw people under the bus when needed, or to use force to get what they want.




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